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  1. Sounds good man. I have no way to get ahold of Strom so I've been flying solo at the con and just talking to random people. I figure I'll attack Strom partway through his presentation and we should be good to go haha.
  2. man adduser man pine
  3. If you're looking for federal criminal information just use the PACER database:
  4. You know, I just realised this, but there's lots of drinking at DefCon...will they let minors in? And then once I'm they check ID? :)
  5. Hello My Name Is stickers would be great haha
  6. lol I'd be all down for yellow, but I don't own any yellow shirts...I know, it's sad.
  7. I remember my Apple II...I've got two working 80x486's, want one of those? Oh and I saw a Commodore 64 at Goodwill for $20. Still wrapped in box with manual! Ooooh if I had expendable income what I could do!
  8. Alright, pm sent. So what's the code word? Should we just pull a James Bond...have Strom sitting there with a briefcase on his right and a yellow hat. Walk up and say: "SYN", he'll reply with "ACK". That's how you know the handshake has been completed. ::injures self at usage of nerd joke::
  9. Alright, just go ahead and message me on AIM with a cell number or something (you still have my aim right?). I'll call you once we all get together and such. And Strom, I didn't know there was a queercon going on at the same time. Here I thought COMDEX was the only con that got accompanied with another con with a devious purpose, PORNDEX. :)
  10. The reason he remembers the anime/video game characters and plots is because of repetition. I have a very hard time remembering things, actually a brain disfunction but I clearly remember things I repeat enough. If he really wanted to do it and it really spiked his interest, as stated before, he'd do it enough and repeat it enough times that he'd remember it. Reading a manual isn't going to help you to remember anything, you have to read it 5-10 times unless you have a photographic memory.
  11. Ahhh teachers, some of us need them to grow. Mentors are even better at times. I don't believe I would be anywhere without a teacher I had, Mr. O (yes, in the PUBLIC school shocking), who drilled into my head two fundamental truths. -You don't need to know anything, just where to find it. & -Repetition breeds knowledge. These are the two facts by which I live my life and continue to learn in the digital age. The internet is such a powerful tool and resource, these pupils of yours need to learn how to use it otherwise they'll never get anywhere. You won't always be around, but a wealth of knowledge is sure to be out there on the internet. There are a couple of things that should definitely be followed here in you teaching them. A) Don't give them any breaks. People learn through neccessity and if you're constantly going there to do it for them they won't learn. Even if they mess it up repeatedly, repitition breeds knowledge, they'll get really good at it, go them, a specialty. Show them where to find the information they need, not the actual information. If they ask you a question like: How do I recompile my kernel? Look it up yourself, find where it's at, then give them the exact place you started at so they can make the search themselves. Eventually they'll get so used to searching and how to search that they won't need your assistance any more and you'll be nothing more than a mentor incase something goes really wrong, or a confident they can speak to and discuss different techniques with. Someone to critique their budding abilities. C) Remember that certain people learn better in different ways. I for instance needed a teacher and mentor to inspire me otherwise I would have just sat around and do nothing. Now I've ended up reversing the roles. Be patient and give them a chance before you explode and just do it for them. I know it annoys me because it seems everyone is so slow with a computer, heheh, just got to be patient and let them learn it. Give them tips, etc. Anyways, that's my...let's see...about ninety cents. Hope it helps, cheers.
  12. Oh and Scheda, when do you get off work? Maybe we can all hitup some food or something, get you to meet us. California Pizza Kitchen in the Fashion Show...yum.
  13. lol strom, can we record that and put it on the next hacktv? As for distinguishing ourselves...ummmm, just look for a 6'2" kid, well groomed, dressed like a metrosexual. heheh
  14. Alright, I know I'm going to DefCon since I bloody live here and I know Strom is along with some of the rest of you. Anyways, who wants to meetup? We can grab coffee or lunch one day during the conference or something. Post some details here, maybe VMB or a room number if you're that daring. :) Or PM me and I'll give you my cell number or whatever it takes. Also, anyone know if there's a way to signup for the conference early? I was thinking of going down there Thursday after work so I could signup a day ahead and not have to wait through the lines. -Cheers
  15. Child Labor. Gotta exploit those masses.