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  1. i just got when clicking the PDF link for the way back machine... I've been trying for months and still can't get it to download more than .99 megs. The message you are getting, "Down for Scheduled Maintenance The Classic Wayback Machine is down for maintenance and machine migrations." is only recently happening as they are working on a new version. Anybody have any ideas on how to force the download? Anybody know if they restrict files lager than 1 meg from being downloaded? I've encountered this same problem on other archived websites. Xmitman
  2. Hi Guys, Anyone know how to download files larger than 1 meg from http://archive.org ? I'm trying to download the following 2 files but they timeout at .99 meg even thought the files are larger. http://web.archive.org/web/20000815053813/www.beelineshopper.com/download/1_1_9_full_install.zip http://web.archive.org/web/20000815053837/www.beelineshopper.com/download/beeline_user_guide_000105.pdf I need the software these files contain for a product I purchased several years ago and now they are no longer in business. I can't find the software anywhere but on archive.org . Any ideas? Xmitman
  3. There are no free meals. His own greed and stupidity played a large part. Much of this can be avoided if schools would simply teach "REAL LIFE 101"
  4. Binrev is the only forum I go to for hacking related material. I'd like to start a list of other good forums similar to Binrev that are visit-worthy. Xmitman
  5. I've had emails stating that the person would not do business with me based on the XOM Reviews site comments. Xmitman
  6. Unfortunately, bringing the person to court will be next to impossible because of the country he is operating out of. There has to be a way of doing something. Xmitman
  7. Does anyone know a way to make someone else's page invisible to search engines? http://www.xomreviews.com is a website that allows people to review other websites / businesses. Unfortunately, this can be abused. I have a problem with a business competitor that posts fake reviews for my company in order to gain business for himself. Normally, a robots.txt file is used on websites to disallow spidering from search engines, hence making the page invisible to searches. Is it possible to post code or text in a review that will essentially do the same thing and disallow the page to be spidered by search engines? Any ideas? Xmitman
  8. What are the best affiliate sites where a hacker with a website can make some cash? I believe this is a good one, http://www.spoofcardpartner.com/ with high payouts. Any others that are good? Xmitman
  9. For the last 3 days I have been unable to visit http://www.hackaday.com/ . Is it just me and my 3 computers or is everyone else having problems? Xmitman
  10. Yes Natas, that makes sense. Thanks for the input. Xmitman
  11. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how Slydial works? How does it force a call to go to voicemail? Xmitman
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. Xmitman
  13. Thanks for all of the replies to my post. Xmitman
  14. I need some opinions. It's been a while since I looked into them. What's currently the best wifi card and external antenna for wifi hacking with a laptop, long range and medium range? Xmitman
  15. Hi Tom, I've been a long time follower of the IIRG. I was a subscriber to your zine 10 years ago. I just listened to you on Binrev radio. Anyway, I was able to secure your old domain, www.iirg.net . I own a dedicated server and I'm willing to host it for free if you want to re-post IIRG material and get it going again. Best Regards, Xmitman