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  1. http://phrack.org/issues.html?issue=65
  2. My best wishes to him up in hacker heaven! He will be missed .
  3. Yes, and yes.
  4. Sad . This leetness will be missed. R.I.P K7 exploitednezz
  5. Chances are their equipment still recieves it, but their web app just displays "BLOCKED" or something if the caller ID is blocked.
  6. Its in an African country, it only reachable when you dial the trunk loads of times, I tried over the PSTN, couldn't reach it, so I dialled it from skype and voipbuster then tried the PSTN then got onto it again, perhaps its some kind of international stacking switch? Slightly more off-topic dmine, did you get my recording and have you ever heard it before? RP Yeah, same deal here. Only hear this stuff with skype. I'm wondering how Skype routes their calls out to the PSTN. You know, what kind of equipment the call gets processed through. Interesting stuff, but it's still a large mystery to me.
  7. Yeah, you get weird noises like this all over the place with Skype. After the other end of a call to Alaska hangs up, you'll often hear a loud motor-like sound and sometimes MF(? not sure. hard to hear).
  8. Hey BinRev, This one is interesting . I've been getting prank phone calls for two years by the same people on my wireless phone. Sometimes it'll be three-way'd into what sounds like the PLA bridge... ugh, no surprise there. I've changed my (you guess what cellular carrier. It's three letters long) cell number twice in the past few years and it's starting to scare be a little. Sometimes the caller will claim to be a friend of mine (whom which I've called recently, most of the time), other times just start screaming and cursing at me, threatening me with law suites (ie; "We're gonna SUE YOU for hacking us!") and even death. Funny since I stopped hanging out on bridges a while ago and haven't had much activity in the scene for quite some time... For this to suddenly come out of no where is a little, dare I say, weird? So my question is... What can I do? The number always comes up "unknown", and I've never been able to capture the CPN or ANI of the call. I'm not even sure of any is being passed. edit: I just checked... The lock I put on my wireless account no longer exists. Um... Uh oh .
  9. I have mine preordered already. You guys are looking at this in a negative way... I'm imagining all the AMAZING things I could do with a toy like this! It's quite literally a second interactive demension that the player can use to play the game. Not only are you using your physical movements, but your mind. I can't wait until I get mine and I can start messing around with the SDK.
  10. removed. unity: I've completely ruled that out through many means.
  11. Get an older version of Skype that doesn't block invalid numbers client-side. Try dialing numbers like 907-000-0000, 907-999-9999, 907-555-5555, etc. Try a few times if you get any client-side errors. I'm starting to think that the carrier Skype uses to place calls overseas (specifically out to the Alaska and Canada region) has some weird radio system (satellite?) it's routing over. edit: Another interesting find: dialing 999-999-9999 with older clients leaves with you with a loud echo. Weird. If anyone could make any recordings, that would be great!
  12. Yeah, I'm very aware of Livingood! Thesr are things I only hear when calling via voIP though.
  13. If you heard this, I really don't think you'd think of this as cross talk. It's very loud, and very distinct.
  14. Hey, I'll try my best to explain this. I remember calling up Alaska and Canada with various voIP services-- Skype, FreeCall, Gizmo, etc.-- about a year ago. With certain voIP providers, I'd end up hearing a lot of extra carrier noise while calling remote areas of Alaska and Canada... A considerable amount of buzzing and humming. Interesting stuff to listen to! Here is where it gets interesting, though. After the called party would hang up, I'd drop to this LOUD buzzing sound. Then I would hear some of the most bizarre network sounds I have ever heard in my life. Loud mechanic THUDS, hissing, and buzzing that pulsed at the speed of what sounded like (foreign?) ringing tones.VERY trippy stuff! And I'm not talking about Livingood here. These are calls to anywhere in Alaska, even invalid numbers. Which tells me it has to be something on the voIP carrier's end. I would also commonly hear streams of DTMF, possibly MF (it's hard to make out the tones in all that static, but the frequencies sounded a little off to be DTMF), and... What I thought was most interesting... Conversations. I kid you not. Random conversations. Sometimes two people, sometimes three. I don't think the other party could ever hear me though, except for one bizarre incident. This got me thinking... How, and where on Earth, are these voIP calls being routed to? My guess is internationally. So far I've only gotten this to work with calls out to Alaska and Canada, overseas from the US. This definitely sounds like some kind of analog system it's routing over. Maybe a series of satellites?