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  1. What I was going for was a setup where my Windows documents, music, etc. folders would be the same as my linux documents, music, etc folders in /home.
  2. I just got a laptop, and here's what I'd like to try: I'm putting windows and linux on seperate partitions, but I want them to share the same documents, music, downloads, etc. folders on a third partition. Is there an easy way to do this? I'm going to screw around with it, but if anyone's ever done this, your assistance would be appriciated.
  3. Wouldn't touch it with a 30 foot pole. I'm paranoid. I don't use google.
  4. No offense, but if I had wanted to look elsewhere, I wouldn't have posted here.
  5. Maybe if I was more awake I could figure this out. Can I encrypt my /home folder using truecrypt? Or, if the performance hit isn't too great, can I encrypt my entire linux partition? If someone has done either, could I get some insight? Is this what TrueCrypt is intended for? It's hard to tell from their website. (I'm pretty sure nobody is going to make me reveal my password at gunpoint.) Is there another program that does what I want better than Truecrypt?
  6. I have to know: is this your wired connection and your neighbors open WiFi connection?
  7. Make sure you really got caught. Can they prove it? Delete your post. Keep your integrity.
  8. These radios are mad expensive. That pricing guide is for parts. I got to mess with some of those on a government facility last summer. They said the radios cost them 3 grand each. Not sure if they were the same thing, but anything comparable will be similar in price.
  9. I guess this could be one of my first useful contributions to the hacker community. At the two previous colleges I attended, there were certain online applications that were Microsoft IE 6 only. One was for an online class and the other was the intranet home page that you need for everything. Someone can probably fill in the technical details of how they were doing that (it's a client side script). But anyway, the way I found to bypass this crap was to use Tamper Data, a firefox extension. I'm sure Firebug would also work. Tamper Data asks you what you want to submit, when you see something related to your browser, drop it. Presto! You're a script kiddie! I can now have my online class with my toolbars and streaming music! Yeah yeah, I know I'm a n00b.
  10. Know what? Just thinking about this is kinda creepy. I think I'll leave this cell phone hacking alone. A little too personal for me. I'll stick with social engineering when i want to mess with people. Has anyone ever hacked someone's personal stuff (email, myspace) and regretted seeing what they saw? I (might) have. Don't do it.
  11. I'm starting to do research on cell phone hacking. I'm wondering what's possible and what good resources are out there. I'm interested in accessing someone's phone without messing with it, or maybe with a quick "can I see your phone" type deal. I'm not a stalker, one of my friends is, and he asks me about everything because I'm a l33t haxor. lol.
  12. Worst crap ever.
  13. Whoever made that needs to die in a horrible accident. Maybe I need to start doing drugs to understand it.
  14. Well guess what? I got kicked out because someone at the school read this thread! I think that my paranoia about privacy has been completly justified. Now anything I write here will be used aganist me, even though my real name is not on this thread, and the school's name isn't either. So, it turns out that you really don't have any rights at school. Am I the only one that sees a problem with that?
  15. The US does not have network attack capability. That's the official story. With the way the media treats "hackers" and all the ignorance out there, why should the US publicize any cyberwarefare capability? I can hear the funding cuts now...