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  1. I have just loaded Slackware onto my laptop, works great love it best i ever had, but im having trouble either from the kernel or just something else new. cause I'm currently in the endevour of createing my own OS. and well im having trouble with compiling my kernel now with my new slackware and i don't know whats wrong it doesn't give a error message or anything it just doesn't output a exe or anything any idea whats going on would be nice im not asking to fix it just some theories on what could be wrong thankyou.......
  2. and thats where the challenge lies i still think it is a good idea. oh and for those who are wondering about my little operating system idea. i have a simi-stable kernel that i built with the nasm assembler and linker. i must admit that it is a challenge, a seemingly impossible challenge. im surprised i got this far in the development of my baby lol.
  3. i thank you for your help i really do but i think its the non face to face comunication that makes me seem like a jack ball or whatever
  4. yeah i got the multiple desktop things for windows its kinda cool all it has for it is you do a kinda carsel feature for it and you got four virtual desktops which is awesome for windows but im looking for the cube the water the waves i want all the features of beryl to be ported on windows im trying to work on it my self now trying to tweak the code as best i can to see if i can't get it working that way other wise i'll just get my exs brother to help me write from scratch i don't know wht he is capable of but hes pretty good and im a newb so hes better then me at it and i think that will work out great cause he knows more about windows then me and i know more about linux then him of course im still a newb but i tweak with it so i learn slowly but surely
  5. one im from germany two i think to much three in not dislexic my mind thinks faster then my fingers so i get alot of misprints too i am a newb yes, but i understand the abstract more then the everyday. my genius lies in my understanding not my knowledge, and no understanding is not knowing. i understand many thing things but i want to know and when i want to know somehting i want to know everything while learning algebra i wanted to know where the variable x came from in any equation asking stupid questions but these stupid questions if answered correctly will set me to the right direction. and my teachers didn't teach me to add by counting the letters a number is spelt with when i gave that example i was talking about before i went to school when i was seeing my borthers study with flash cards i woudl take soemthign so simple and think about it so much that i would get different answers for the same problem all being true to a point but me not being able to figure out which is true for the purpose i wanted and this is half of my problem i have now i think to much and trust me i have been to the basics i have no reason to lie on here i could give a shit less about any of you or what you think im taoist it's almost like a sin to be stupid in my religion so i seek knowledge i do this anyway even if i wasn't taoist (pronounced Dow-ist) but my religion influences me on the spiritual side of my mind to have ambition to learn more and more i use to hate learning everythign seemed simple yet difficult to me i am two sided about everything it is easy to understand but hard to know so i hated learning i am really tired of explaining myself anyway i am who i am and to sit there and bitch at me about irrelavent things is pittiful and not needed on a forum where people come to learn or talk abotu things and here how about this 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286208998628034825342 117067982148086513282306647093844609550582231725359408128481117 thast as far i can get the last was a misprint but this isnt about pi its about 3d effects and how to install them on any linux distro or the best way to install on any linux distro but i have already figured it out thanks to those who have been helpful and done it my self so thanks to those who have helped and to those who haven't and just sat there and "your a retard" or or any other type of bashing i have a question do you flame cause you don't know or do you flame cause your ocd(obsessive compolsive disorder ) about grammar or what whats going on with that
  6. one = 3 two = 3 three = 5 four = 4 five = 4 six = 3 seven = 5 you take the number of letters used to spell the number and add them together this is a perfect example of how abstract i think even at a young age i tell most people everything you think of once in that same time i think of it three times from three different prespectives
  7. well to me 2+2 was something hard i thought about it to much so two + two became 6 and 2 + two became 5 it also became and this is hard to explain 01234 so it's 5 but 4 and it just threw my head into a loop but pi is constant never changing never having any otherthing to consider and no im illiterate when it comes to the english language when grammar comes in, im learning but its hard
  8. *using retard voice* "i call shinanigans" and yeah i have cygwin i also have gaim and gimp and alot of other linux apps that have been ported already. and the reason i would like to have beryl is cause of every one is trying so hard to make there desktop look pretty first mac os x then linux then windows and cause there is still alot of windows users who aren't happy with vista cause of how some computers can't handle anythign but basic vista, i just think it woudl be a nice project for someone to consider not me just thought it would be great to talk about some of the ways you coudl do it. it would be a very interesting thing to consider such as do you add other profrms to give windows a mutilple desktop or do you forget the cube and just worry about the effects
  9. lol im smarter then most think i grasp abstract ideas faster then just normal ones like 2+2 tokk me forever but i can ricite pi to well pi = 3.14159265358976232when i was 5. i have great memory i guess and i have great processing abilities but just this other stuff like the cal command which just print out a calander took me awhile but learning how to configure grub and even rewrite it to auto detect other partitions was easy i have a high iq just never mind im tired of explaining what i can and cannot do on here i know me and what i can do you assume to know me but honestly i have fedora and even have ark and ubuntu on some of my computer (i have 5) so whatever but thanks for your help
  10. i could care less cause if the government knew half the shit i did i would get life in prison shit if the cops knew what i have in my basement they would shoot first and ask questions later so i wouldn't have to worry about prison but thats life and i could care less. ohm and half the other people who read my posts already know im unhinged and screwed up in the head so piracy isn't that big of a deal but i do have a question about piracy thats not pertaining to the subject but would like to know why is they're no piracy laws in canada just wondering and does any one have anygood links to online tutorials or better yet any ideas of how to phrase the search to get the best results and yes i have read the google posts and the books that were written just for that reason but as you so much like to joke about im a nitwit and would like to know if you would have thought of anythig that i haven't
  11. I don't believe this AT ALL. You searched bittorrent? You Searched the entire gnutella network? Every Search engine? Damn, this has to be the first case of lack-of-information on the interweb.... Seriously, *I* just searched bittorrent and found some AWESOME books on ASM.....if you don't understand what they are talking about ..get a book on a more basic obviously got some reading to do yes i got the books off of bittorrent well exactually i got them from but my computer is already out of memory cause of the c++ books the c books the perl ruby python asm and english language lerning software and even subliminal learning audio im a freak thats desperate for knowledge im right now reading steven hawkings a brief history in time and einstiens theory of relativity if you search limewire for asm assembler assembly you get crap ok and heres my proof since everyone just seems to be riding my ass about reading and learning and searching i'll keep the pics down to 9 ok
  12. i don't post anything unless i search for it i have all the books i could get on bit torrent and google as well as limewire and almost every search engine i find useful but they are all not to my likeing i have no i dea what the hell they are talking about like what the hell is eax they just do this and thats it and then do this and thats it and i have no understanding of the language what so ever
  13. finding beginner tutorials all the tutorials i found so far say you mst have knowledge of asm already in order to understand them im looking for a complete step by step tutorial for asm i have no idea where to find them though
  14. well what pther way is there to do it i know i could yum it or cvs or something but i see the tarballs and wonder which ones i need to have in order to install it on a computer with out a internet connection
  15. lol i have a great idea for a windows application, but im probably going to make half of you mad. i think some one should port the beryl 3d effects to run in windows vista. yeah i know half the people will hate this idea saying that windows should stay windows and linux stay open source which hey im all for you know but isn't open source just that, a none platform dependent application that comes with the source that you are able to alter and configure to your liking. im just thinking that some of the great things about linux should be available for windows to without the hassle of the proprietary sense of it so that non linux people can get a feel of where linux is going and coming from cause i have met many people who have never even heard of linux i never heard of linux til like two years ago and this could put the windows users in a linux mind set you know omg free software bleh and set people out to learn more about linux also i just noticed something batch programming looks alot like basic lol i don't know just thought i would say that!