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  1. You're right. And if there are static MAC entries at ISP, ppl can only spoof themselves after they're registered as user When using DSL technology, ISP knows your phone number at the moment youre authenticated. With that, they know all your data. You can try spoofing whatever you like, but no use, really. Now, wi fi is different story. Sometimes there are unsecured APs for various reasons and spoofing is possible. Wise men already mentioned not to d othe same AP more than once. Other ways of conecting usually mean that it is highly recommended to make static ARP entries and complex firewall rules that prevent abusing in any way you can imagine
  2. Oh gosh, I still remember the trouble I had with Gentoo 2005.1 and NV6600 graphic card. I cant believe that deafult graphic driver still fucks up X getting up. Main thing you'll need is specifications for your monitor: supported resolutions, refresh rates etc. And of course: good luck.
  3. Yes, and this was supposed to be tough trick question? Look whatI've found after 5 secs of googling.
  4. That's great. I know few guys who would love to have this
  5. It can reflect that in many cases and not all - that's where I agree with you. It's not general rule, but there are many *nix using assholes that spit on win platform - and they know shit about administration of Windows based systems. That's what I hate most. From the other hand, I respect peoples choice and opinion when I know they can handle OS they talk about - that's just their taste of "good". I have nothing against it.
  6. They call it v10 because they added direct links to Napster, MusicNow and CinemaNow? What about codec improvement and other stuff that MP is made for? Btw, I use MP v9 for playing CDs because of SRS effects. I like equalizer also. It's better for me (personal impression) than DFX with WinAmp.
  7. Im using free Yahoo! for years and that's enough web-based mail account space for me... When Inbox is full, I use Yahoo POPs to d/l mails--- 100MB free since a while ago - dont need mooooooreee...
  8. Firefox 0.8 Its great - fast. I used Opera few years ago, dont know why I stopped . Also, used MyIE2 (shell for IE) for a while, but that was way too optimistic IE web render engine sux, noone can change it.. heh
  9. Thnx for the tips
  10. - Practical Unix & Internet Security (3rd edition) - Hacking Exposed 4th edition (or Hacking Linux Exposed) - Shellcoders Handbook - Advanced Unix Programming - PANIC! - Applied Cryptography - Firewalls and Internet Security - Hacking: The Art of exploitation - Linux Kernel Programming, Third edition Thanx in advance