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  1. I'd say you're S.O.L. AFAIK, 802.11g support for Linux is pretty abysmal, but someone correct me of I'm wrong. Broadcom refuses to release the specs on the chipset that is used in the AE cards (and others as well), so no one has been able to write drivers for them. You also won't be able to put another card into that 12" PowerBook. The AirPort Extreme cards are the only thing that will work in any of the Aluminum PowerBooks.
  2. Battery life and ruggedness definitely go to the iBook. When I had my 900Mhz G3 iBook, I could get just over 3 hours with it, that's with the airport card running and optimal energy saver settings. With my 15" PowerBook fully charged with the same settings, I can get about 2 hours, 15 minutes + or -. Someone with a G4 iBook might be able to give a better indication of those, since they draw more power then the G3 iBook did, but still, they are a little bit better than the PowerBook. Ruggedness: the iBooks win again. I love the aluminum of the PowerBook (light and sleek), but could never take the same pounding an iBook could.
  3. If you're getting some extra $$$, then you will be FAR happier with a new iBook or PowerBook than a G3 iMac. If you want a 12" laptop, and given what you've said said you want to do, I'd steer you towards the 12" PowerBook. The SuperDrive (DVD/CD-RW) is not an option on the 12" iBooks (just the 14" iBooks), but it comes standard on the higher end 12" PowerBook. But, given the 5 year lifespan before you can get anything else that you're talking about, you might want to look at the 15" PowerBooks. Apple just upped the features on the PowerBooks and dropped the price by a couple hundred $$$ on some for the models. The iBooks are great machines, but there are some things they are missing compared to what the PowerBooks have: - iBooks have no PCMIA slots (but neither does the 12" PowerBook) - iBooks have no S-Video out (neither does the 12" PowerBook) - iBooks can not have a dual monitor setup (they only mirror an external monitor) - The max RAM on the iBooks is 1.25GB (256MB on the logic board, and once slot for up to a 1GB chip). The PowerBooks max out at 2GB for the 15" and 17", and 1.25GB for the 12". - PowerBooks have built-in Bluetooth standard, iBooks do not. The newly updated PowerBooks have Bluetooth 2.0 - Both iBooks & PowerBooks have built in 802.11g/b (AirPort Extreme) standard - iBooks have 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, PowerBooks have Gigabit Ethernet....might make a big difference if you have access to a Gigabit network. - The PowerBooks all come with 512MB of RAM installed, the iBooks only have 256MB. Some good info on all the updated PowerBooks can be found here: http://www.macworld.com/news/2005/01/31/powerbook/index.php If you want to burn DVDs and work in Unix, the extra power of the PowerBooks would be worth the money. But, one thing for sure.....the iBooks are a little more rugged. Plus, if this is a machine that will need to last you 5+ years, then the extra investment in a new updated PowerBook will mean you're more apt to get a machine that will hold up against any updated technology that comes along during that time. HTH.......
  4. Sekel: I don't IRC much...almost never actually, but when I have, I've used Snak. I've used it a few times and it does allow the changing of background and text colors. Seemed pretty easy to use and configure, but I can't compare it to anything else since it's all I've used. PF: Yeah, I sent that site some feedback too. Doubt he'll post it, since I more or less called him out on not backing up his claims with any facts. It's painfully clear that anyone who spouts crap like that has no clue what it is they are ranting about. On his "Reasons Not To Switch" page, he has: Yet, if you click the link to the Netcraft reoprt he posts, this is wht you get: http://www.apple.co.in was running Apache on MacOSX when last queried at 28-Jan-2005 18:06:25 GMT - refresh now Site Report I informed him of this as well.
  5. Now for an OT reply: We have a 400Mhz G3 iMac with 512MB of RAM running OS X 10.3.7 and it works great. Panther runs pretty damn snappy on the slower G3s...not as snappy as my dual processor G5, but pretty damn snappy. Jaguar (OS X 10.2) was a slug on it. Panther is very slick. But of course, depending on what you're doing with the machine and how much RAM you have, your milage may vary. I wouldn't recommend encoding video on a G3 iMac, but as a general purpose computer, it's good start. If the one you're looking at is a 700Mhz, then you're even better off. Definately max out the RAM on it. The iMacs have two RAM slots, so you can put two 512MB sticks. As for the Mac mini, if you have the extra $$$ you might look at that as well. We just got one last weekend (the 1.42Ghz/80GB one) that we're using as a headless music server. It comes with lots of software and came with the new release of the iLife suite, which was a great bonus. It's a great little (and I mean LITTLE) machine. There is a great comparion to the Mac Mini and comperable Dell systems HERE. Once you add up what the Dell DOESN'T come with, it's not such a bargain to bring it up to spec with the Mac mini. But even at $350 for the G3, that's a nice machine. I'd say go for it if you don't have the $$$ for the mini.
  6. Amen, brother. As with so many thing in life, ingorance breeds hate. Um....yeah.....if you want a bunch of unsubstantiaed disinformation check this site out. What a laugh. The loose definition of "facts" that people throw around these days is amazing. This is a "gem" from this so called bastion of facts: Um.......riiiiiiggghhhhht! It would have been nice if they backed up their statement by naming these "many applications", but of course, they don't. I would put nmap on the list, but this is the type garbage that the uninformed buy into. :flush:
  7. Weeeelllllll......isn't THAT special! Seems the CherryOS website has gone POOF!
  8. We had the same problem (monitor display shaking) with one of our graphic artists at work. He had a big 21" Sony CRT and right after we moved him to a new cube, his monitor developed the exact symptom you described. Turned out there was some electrical conduit (lots of it) in an access panel in the wall right behind the monitor. Rather than move him again, I just allocated him a nice new LCD display. My boss was under the impression that the CRT had something wrong with it, so she told me to take it home or trash it.......so now I have a nice SONY 21" monitor free!
  9. I thought CherryOS was a cool idea, until I started pricing it out. $50 for Cherry OS, $130 for a copy of OS X to run on it......you're already less than $100 away from a decent used Mac that will run OS X natively better than the emulator will on a PC. Still, it's a cool idea that warrants investigation.......
  10. PF is right. The Xcode CD ships in the retail box of Panther. If you got a new machine with Panther already installed, then Xcode should still be there, but it'll be on the restore disks that came with your system. On my G5 OS X install/restore CD Disk 1, there is a folder called Xcode Tools. Inside that there is a Developer install package that will install Xcode tools, the compiler, etc. Once you install the Xcode tools, you should run Software Update to see if they have been updated from the version you have installed. After that, running Repair Permissons on your boot volume from Disk Utility wouldn't be a bad idea either. The Xcode and developer tools do not come installed on new machines, so you have to install the stuff yourself if you want to use it, but it's there..... Have fun!
  11. I used to have a PowerBook 1400c which was similer to the 3400c. The 3400c's were great laptops for their day. The HDI-30 port is your SCSI connection. In order to really use it for anything, you'd need an adapter, like this. The HDI-30 port was a way to include a SCSI conection without having to use a full size port on a laptop. If you got an adapter, you could hook up a SCSI device like a hard drive or scanner. The "two weird PS/2 like ports" are your ports for a keyboard/mouse and printer. There should be an icon for each next to the port. IIRC, the 4-pin is the ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) port and is whre you can plug in a keyboard or mouse. You'd need to find an older Mac keyboard and mouse to use with this machine. The printer port is Apples version of a serial port. You'll have a hard time finding any printers to use that port since Apple abandoned this type of port in 1999 in favor of USB. Yellow Dog Linux would be a great distro to use on this machine. Very easy to set up and install.
  12. Here's some pics from my office here at home, with the first pics of my spankin' new Dual 1.8 Ghz G5 PowerMac. Also shows my Dual 867 G4 server (running Mac OS X Server) my Dell Dimension POS running Slackware 10, an old Mac Plus that I resurrected from someones attic, and my 1Ghz PowerBook G4. http://homepage.mac.com/loganfive/office1.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/loganfive/office2.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/loganfive/macs.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/loganfive/macplus.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/loganfive/powerbook.jpg
  13. Here's another link you might find useful: http://www.lowendmac.com/ppc/5260.shtml Low End Mac is a great site for info on older Macs. You should be OK putting a 40GB drive in it, but since it's a really slow machine with only a 40Mhz bus speed and max RAM of 32MB, it's probably overkill.
  14. If you get OS 9.1 on it, there's lots of stuff you can do with that system. You could even install a PPC Linux distro if you were so inclined. As for sources of parts, here's a few that I have used in the past: http://www.shrevesystems.com/ http://www.nexcomp.com/ http://www.macsales.com/ (aka Other World Computing) And of course, Ebay. Other World Computing has an OS 9.1 CD with no box or docs for $40. Again, there is always Ebay.
  15. I picked a copy up at a Borders here too, sitting right next to 2600. I was quite suprised to see another hacking 'zine at Borders.......
  16. I had thought that YDL supported AirPort Extreme, but upon further research it seems that something in the kernel doesn't play well with the Broadcam chipset in the AE cards. That suxors. You might try a different distro. I'm fairly certain that Mandrake supports AirPort Extreme. As for adding a PCMIA wi-fi crad, you might be best try try one of the Orinoco's. I'm not very familiar with them, but weren't some of the newer cards made by Lucent? The original Airport cards had a Lucent chipset, so that might make things easier to seet up and configure. Just a thought.
  17. Just put some pics up: http://homepage.mac.com/loganfive/PhotoAlbum8.html
  18. Just uploaded some of mine: http://homepage.mac.com/loganfive/PhotoAlbum8.html Have some video to work on too, but don't have time for it now.
  19. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bukkake.php
  20. OK, it must be a sign of the apocalypse: Logan5 posting from a Windows laptop. *gasp* My job has given me a PC laptop so I can start playing with WinXP and learning to use SMS Admin to support the 100+ Windows users, in addition to the 30 Mac art department the agency has. It's a Dell Latitude C610, PIII 1Ghz with WinXP Pro and wi-fi. Performace wise, it seems to do pretty well, but not as good as my PowerBook. Quality wise, this thing is a chintzy POS!!! The plastic feels SOOOO cheap and reminds me of a Dodge Dhadow I test drove about 10 years ago: Cheap plastic, chintzy, bulky and just "feels wrong". They were going to give me an almost new Dell D600, but there are people in the company that will get more use of of it than I will, so I opted for the older one. The D600 was too big and bulky for me to lug around in addition to my PowerBook. So here's the question: How does the Latitude series compare to other PC laptops in performace and quality. Dell's seem to have a reputation of not being the best quality PC laptop, but I was just wondering out of curiosity.
  21. Thanks, I'll try that. ...you'd think that's how it would be set up by default. I'll have to mention this to the guys that make the disk images for our company. Maybe they can set it up that way in the next images thay make.
  22. Cool pics, Murd0c! Mine are goign to be pretty lame methinks......
  23. The Dell is only something I'll be using for work stuff, like SMS and Exchange server stuff that I can't do from the Mac. I don't WANT it and WANT to use Windows, but it's part of my job and they have bascialy given me free acess to learn about an OS that I have otherwise had minimal experience with. So far with what I've seen, XP has nothing on OS X. I've thought about putting Linux on it, but my boss just reimaged it for me and I don't want to mess anything up that I'll need for work. They've also given me an old Dell Dimension tower (for keeps) and I've installed Slack 10 on that to play with. I had thought the C610 was an older gen laptop, but not knowing the Wintel world, I wasn't sure. This thing is definalty a POS quality and feel wise. I'll have to wash my hands before I touch my PowerBook again. The Dell doesn't even go to sleep when I shut the lid...the drive light just keeps on blinkin'. Do you have to manually put these things to sleep? The Macs go to sleep when you shut the lid, but the Dell doesn't. I must be missing something..........
  24. Oy.....I'm forgetting everything about these old Macs. Is there an AppleTalk port on that 6200? If so, Asante made a great AppleTalk/Ethernet adapter, that I *THINK* is still available. Lots of people use them to connect old Apple laser printers to Ethernet networks, and I've used them to connect old Performa 6100's to cable modems. You might also try one of THESE.
  25. This is the first chance I've had to get to the forums since HOPE. GREAT pics! :voteyes: My pics aren't that great, but I'll post what I have when I get time.