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  1. are you going to try it?
  2. i also use Nero for burning ISO's yeah this is illigal, but if you can sleep at night...
  3. some of those are funny, and sad at the same time
  4. wow a penguin, you can get anything off the internet. i mean your own living, breathing, linux mascot. sweet.
  5. ok i really hate these after i saw the german car commerical and that scared the shit out of me. but this was bad because i was ready for it when i read the description setup.
  6. jezz that was just.... weird and alittle creepy.
  7. that was very interesting i hadn't thought about it further since i had heard it was hit, but this changes everything. This flash preety much says there is no way a plane hit the pentagon, and that's alittle creepy to think about what did.
  8. this is really cool. A good way to waste some time when you have nothing better to do. And the idea of using it as a proxy makes it that much cooler. Nice
  9. if your interested in a ipod and don't nessecary want to buy one you may want to try freeipods.com. not sure if it really works but i'm trying out now. i mean it can't hurt if it ends up being fake i lose nothing. so if you are interested in trying it sign up under my referal link http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=8584642 I mean what's the harm even if you go buy and ipod or already have one you can get another and sell it or whatever make up what you spent.
  10. well there was an earlier post about a very bad hacking book, but i want to know what everyone uses for hacking references or you know information for stuff. this includes internet radio, books, tv,like internet hacking shows (ex: hackTV, ect.), and anything else there is that you may use. I'm interested in knowing what everybody uses for there references and information.
  11. YOU ARE 55 % GEEK ! 55% GEEK Nerd, Freak, Geek, Dweeb. Sound familiar? That's okay, cause you will be the richest person at your 15th year high school reunion. If a "con" isn't happening that weekend. Hmmm i guess that's not bad.
  12. Gmail is awesome even though i also use yahoo.
  13. yeah basicly that's it.
  14. sorry something i forgot if you play on live chipless really isn't an option but with a mod chip there is a switch where you can turn off the chip sort of speack so live won't detect it.
  15. ok here it is it really doesn't matter witch way you go if you decide to go without a chip the hardest part will be putting the saved data info on the xbox harddrive. (which isn't that hard) if you don't have a memory stick and you find you don't know how to put the data on the harddrive in the xbox then you could always take that harddrive and hook it up to your comp. and copy on the files that way, once you have it on there it's really really easy(of course you know you have to have mechassualt not actually own it just have while doing this). if you use good sence and don't want to spend money that's one way to go. if you want to go with a mod chip don't even look at soddering because if you slip and miss you can kiss the xbox good buy. they have some that simply screw in which are really good. If you go this route then make sure you get a really good one the better the chip the easier the installation. Of course you are going to want to go on and replace the harddrive, but once again really easy. look on the web and you can find some step by step totorials that could help you out either way you go. Hope this helps some.