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  1. The Asterisk Blog has released a new forum dedicated to not just the Asterisk PBX, but also VoIP in general. Stop on by if you are interested in either of these and register to post.
  2. Hey hey hey. Yeah, most of you guys don't remember me from back in the day from here. But I thought I'd just let everyone know that the Asterisk Blog is back up and going. I've got myself an extra helping hand to write some stuff for the site too. If you like VoIP, if you like Asterisk, if you like to eat cookies, check out the website for some awesome info (and click some ads.. just don't tell Google I said that.) Thanks guys! Also, if you have a VoIP related website, let me know and we'll swap links. Nothing really hacker related though.
  3. I've been around. Not around here, but around. :devil: Now yes, where have YOU been?
  4. We now have a shoucast server up and running for The Underfire Network. We are looking for other shows that would like to be in the lineup. If that is something you'd like to do, please email us at Thanks! Make sure to check it out at and give us a listen!
  5. I'll be there. So live with it!
  6. Haha, Bizurke uses a professional mic, and me, well... no money to be spent on that sort of thing right now. As with most other podcasts, we aren't making any money off of it, so the extra equipment isn't really going to help. About us being in the same place, that won't happen except for HOPE.
  7. We didn’t have a whole lot of time this week to organize our thoughts, so we went on a rampage this week. Check out our rampage of laughing. Episode 5
  8. Hey, decoder is back. Welcome back bro.
  9. They were working just fine for me after I posted them.
  10. Special Guest (SEXY CHICK) (NO, SERIOUSLY) - Gotta listen to see Scheda and the special guest discuss the different types of social networks and go through many of them to show everyone that they don’t have to be like MySpace, they can serve a purpose. High | Low
  11. Hey dudes. I was summoned here by the fanciful Riscphree, so I figure I'd explain it. Oh wait... he already did. I don't own the domain any more unfortunately, but like 4 hits a week... not enough for me to want to keep it up. Sorry guys. You can check out Underfire Radio though, we've done stuff on SE in the past. See my sig for a link.
  12. Bah, I called you yesterday! Lol. A little late... but yeah. It got recorded a day later anywho. So at least you got to have fun at Notacon.
  13. HAHA! Yes sir! I remember that! What's been up with you!?
  14. Special guest, Adam, from Geek Love Radio joins Scheda in this episode. News:Apple Boot Camp, Cancer Vaccine, Want Your Own Police Department? Main Topic: Making Money Online High | Low
  15. Lol, which one was that?