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  1. Well I think you didn't get todays situation as it really is. For now 32bit are still used on many, if not most, machines and will be supportet for a long time on most 64bit systems for compatibility reasons. Your opinion on the battle AMD vs Intel is also not fully correct. Obviosly Intel is atm superior to AMD in power, but for example AMDs hexacores are very close to the i7 in many cases and not as expensive. Nowadays many people prefer laptops over PCs, but in many situations a mobile device can't simply compete. Tablets and phones aren't more than nice toys to read mails and do simple tasks. The competition between Windows, Linux and OSX may get interesting. Of course noone will replace Windows in short time, but Linux and OSX grow in numbers and for OSX you can say that they have a very good marketing. I would say that nearly 10% at our University own a Mac and nearly 20% use an iPhone. In comparison to the time 5 years ago that's an incredible increase. For your arguments against touchscreens: They are not really good as keyboard, but for simpler tasks they are quite easy to use and they combine many funtions in a simple device. If you really want to tipe longer text messages you should stick to buisness phones with real keyboards. Many have them as alternative to touchscreens. I really can't see why you aren't able to find high quality music. There are countless sources at the internet and if you think torrent is dead you never found a good closed tracker (ok that's quite hard since they are closed, but not impossible).
  2. 100% Mandriva 100% Kubuntu 100% Linux Mint 100% Debian 100% OpenSuSE 100% Ubuntu Okay that makes 400% Debian...too bad that I run Slackware
  3. Gnaa I'm a little bit too late. At the moment I'm in Orlando and on the 8th I'll come to the MoA. Pretty bad timing But it's quite a long way from Europe, so the chances are very little for me to get there again in the next years
  4. For me it all started with "hacking" the password for my own pc back when I was around 10 or 11 years old. My godfather donated me my first pc with an annoying timebased logon script which had a password to logon outside the predefined times. The script was written in pure basic and did run without compiling. Therefore the password was wirtten in plain text in the file (which was called something like logon.bas). This was not a very big start, but it brought me into it. Shortly after I started learning basic for fun and, maybe 3 or 4 years later, switched to Delphi. That helped me when we started programming at school another 3 or 4 years later, but made it also very boring. So most of the time I coded more in (which was way more interesting than the older versions), because I thought it was stupid to code in an extremly old version of Delphi (at least they could have used Delphi .net or 7 instead of 4). Since that time the only thing beside coding I did was testing the security of our school network, circumvent the printer authentication and tell our "admin" that everything he changed to make the network safer made at least 2 new exploits possible...later he changed to linux servers controlled by some pupils because he couldn't get along with it Since I would not count the lessons at school as very informative to me, I count this as learnign by doing Btw.: @Dooms_day: While reading your post I had a déjà vu... I'm very sure that i have read that story some time ago. //edit: Your ski story found its way into my long-term memory *shit* Maybe you should stick to doing J turns in your moms car And sometimes its better to get a password than to override it. It's much less obvious and if the drive is encrypted it makes life much easier. And not to forget the people who use only 1 or 2 passwords for everything on the net...
  5. Ubuntu and if I'm feeling boring Gentoo , 19
  6. When you rearranged the Partitions and didn't change them in Grub it should expect Windows in the Partition where it was before. Use a Ubuntu boot disc to open the Grub config file (or simply check it with the edit function of Grub ). If there are your old partitions change them into the new ones... I'm not sure, but I think error 22 indicates that you have an entry which points to a missing partition
  7. When he always knows what IP you get, you should first check if you tell it himself If he has a Virus or a nice Horse on your PC that sends your IP to him, changing your IP won't stop him... Maybe you are running some file-sharing software and he is loading the same file like you/from you. That would show him you IP too... If you every time get scanned by the same person this would be an explanation
  8. Where are they plugged in? Front or back?
  9. You forgot all the servers out there I don't think the majority of all webservers are running Windows.
  10. If the game has the option to kick someone that should do it But maybe that doesn't close the connection, but it's worth a try, isn't it?
  11. AFAIK your router supports manual routes. (Network Config -> Route Info) So simply add a manual route to (Source of the IP: EVE Support), which routes all packets assigned to this ip over...let's say That should bring you the result you want...
  12. Hmm ok so its very senseless... That i need a 64bit OS was clear to me, but while gaming I'm using Vista because of DirectX 10 and currently I'm testing the 64bit version. And I think Linux 64bit is much longer available then Windows 64bit, so there shouldn't be much problems The only problem is that I have to compile some 32bit stuff myself, because not every app has a 64bit version out of the box and mixed systems are hard to setup like I found out. The thing i meant with media-system is that the hard drives of my system are the loudest component and I hoped that I could get them quiet with preloading all the necessary stuff Hmm if I start office, media apps and use my web-browser a long time (so it grows up to ~400MByte of data) only 1 GByte of my RAM is used and from my pagefile (think thats what you meant, isn't it?) is 200MByte big. At the moment I can't test on Linux...have screwed my xorg this morning and am currently to lazy to rewrite the backup But thx for the comments
  13. As a result of the low prices for RAM I now plan buying additional 4 gigs as extension for my 2gigs of RAM. But beyond my gaming-activities I see no real use for 6gigs of RAM... So I was wondering what stuff i could do with my Linux I mainly use as media-system. My thought was to load the whole OS with all programs I could need into RAM (think the best way would be to load the complete OS and while booting the appz if possible...). My question is: Which distro would you recommend me for booting a media-system to RAM and of course I would be pleased if you could tell me the easiest way The only OS I loaded to RAM was DSL, but thats a bit to spartan Any proposals?
  14. I prefer the old Ubuntu 6.10. With Feisty Fawn I have to wait nearly 5 minutes until it recognizes my wlan correctly (I'm also a bit confused why I now have a wlan-master device ) and the detection of the correct video driver for my 7950GT doesn't work if I want to enable the special drivers for graphical effects. But when you manually install the right driver this schould work If my wlan would be detected right I would use 7.04 At the moment I'm searching for the old driver from 6.10 xD
  15. hello world hmmm what shall i say? i'm not what u would call a hacker, but i love linux and sometimes do little coding-work... i read some of the topics here and immediately decided to sign in hope the community is tolerant enough for a half-newb like me xD