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  1. defualt radio is back! wow ive been gone for a long time.
  2. palm and armpit for redboxing and finger and rotary butt set for wardialing, inefficient?... yes 1337?... definetly
  3. Ogo

    looks cool but is it a phone too?
  4. at the wisconsin verizon headquarters there is a parking lot full of old vans that they dont use anymore anyways the first van i opended had an old rotary GTE linemans handset.
  5. ill record it to mpeg and put it up on my mirror
  6. im going to be strarting a new radio show called "The Phreak Show". It will mainly be geared towards all things telecom and maybe a little hacking and UEing. NEways im looking for a guest for the first episode. i am going to try to have a guest on every episode and release or maybe shoutcast an episode everyweek. so if you wanna be on episode 1 pm, email, or respond to this thread. right now the website is at but i will be purchasing a domain soon.
  7. o ok my bad its all good bro. As for quest accepting coins for ld calls, nope ATT was it until they stopped thier service.
  8. well im not to farmiliar with quest teritory i just have access to verizon, centurytel, and ameritech in my area. but i did say the call was redboxed therefore it wasnt long distance. but it was to a different town that could have had something to do with it. are you saying ld quest ops accept coins? O OO NOPE THATS NOT IT, WAIT yep there it is thanks sorry if you found my caps rude but you must not have red my whole post i said i "REDBOXED THE CALL" meaning it had to of been local.
  9. It sounds like you were using the AT&T ACTS system for long distance or a COCOT. I guess it could have been "Regional Toll" but I've only heard of it, never used it. Which operator did you use? 0 operator or 00 operator? When the ACTS system was still alive, did the local 0 operator have the ability to place calls over the ACTS system or was that only the 00 operator? YOU CANNONT REDBOX FROM A COTOT AND AT&T DOES NOT ACCEPT COINS FROM LONG DISTANCE CALLS. this was off of an ameritec phone obviously ACTS and i dialed 0 not 00. (if you have to dial 00 to get an op you are most likly on a cocot ) THE ACTS SYSTEM IS STYLE ALIVE!!! THE ONLY THING DEAD IS LD TOLL FRAUD FROM PAYPHONES
  10. red boxing a local call saved my life: i work at taco bell here in madison after i got off work at 4 am my truck wouldnt strart the battery was dead i live about 30 minutes away from there and the parking lot i was in is this small alley behing some buildings (very scetchy) ne ways there were all these gangstas around and i was getting nervouse so i had to call someone to come out and jump my truck. so i grabbed my cell phone and it was dead. im like oo shit. then i remembered, my mp3 player was with me (i never leave home without it) so i walked to the nearest payphone (about 20 ft) called the op and redboxed my house for some reason this call was like four bucks but luckily i have mixed tones for a dollar. ne ways i called gf and she came and i got out there barely escaping with my life. true story, but i know no one cares sorry im druk again (for future references i am every night) i do agree with lucky that it is stealling but he this was an emergency but if i ddint have my mp3 player i would have had to try to be 1337 like lucky and redbox with my voice. lol
  11. kinda.. but what i have found with att and usc is that when you get a message that was sent from thier website it wouldnts say just the number you put in as "from". it would say npa-nxx-xxxx@ipaddress so if the number was in the phones phone book it wouldnt show the name it would just show the numbr and ip of the person who sent it.
  12. great idea, me and xine are down (kizzle, pm/email me)
  13. ive been away for a few months, anyone ever find an anac that reads ani ii digits that still works? if its a big secret pm me (i wont tell another soul)
  14. AT&T (10102880 is att's automated operator)
  15. it all depends on the cell company, when i dial 0 on my att phone i get the same as what i would if i had dialled 10-10-2880. when i had uscc i would get my local sbc operator. if i had the choice i would rather get a local op, but thats just me.