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  1. There are systems that still allow unlimited guesses? I must be living in a cave!
  2. Cool, thanks a bunch guys I have enough now to make a start! Thanks to everyone who took part, much luve! <3
  3. Thanks again guys! Keep em comin' if you please!
  4. Yea I'm still collecting info so feel free to post Thanks again to all you guys posting!
  5. Huge thanks to all you guys posting and pming me Really helping me out! I didn't think this would go that well, you all recieve one Karma Cookie! /give_cookie If you havn't posted yet please feel free too, Thanks again!
  6. Heya folks, I need to do a small empirical research project for my research module at University on any topic of my choosing and I thought why not do something that's not to boring. Anyhow the research is going to be about people who use Linux and their age groups. All the data would be anonymous of course so don't worry about your names/tags/whatever being used. Anyhow, all I need to know is: -Which distro's do you use most often (often being at least once a week) -Your age If you don't feel like posting your age here feel free to PM me I hope it's cool asking this here. I figured this would be a good place to ask since I've read many people using many different types of distributions here and I might as around University as well but I know for a fact none of my peers (those who i've asked) at University use Linux apart from the Mac OS which is kinda Linuxy but not really To get the ball rolling I intend to use myself as data since I'm 22 and use Ubuntu and Knoppix. Thanks in advance for any help, it's much appreciated!
  7. I was wrong! The repercussions of being caught in disallowed directories are terrible! Last time I eat breakfast and read the forums at the same time
  8. This might be a silly question but wouldn't the repercussions of being caught in disallowed directories be next to nothing? I mean, I'm assuming the Robots.txt is use to keep crawlers out but not humans so if a human was caught inside a disallowed directory it'd be a case of "Oh well" right? I'd still be a pretty cool way to watch people lookng at things they shouldn't
  9. Yea, the Eclipse IDE is pretty cool for checking brackets with actually, amongst other things. And it's free <3
  10. Why? If she has no interest and just wants something that works, why force it on her? Or why not let her learn it on her own terms? What if she was studying History, or English, or Biology? There's no need for linux experience in any of those fields. No, I mean the one she spoke with when she found out she didn't want Ubuntu and called back to have them exchange it. He didn't sell her anything; if anything, he prevented her from returning it and making a more expensive purchase. That kind of linux fanaticism -- pushing open source alternatives on people before they're ready -- does more harm than good. Yea, that's fair enough. I was under the assumption she was studying something about computers but now looking closer it could be anything really. I still don't think it was bright of her to give in to the sales guy though, if she wanted Windows she should have told ‘em. At the end of the day it was her choice, also it's Ubuntu, not the worlds most difficult destro to use Also personally, if I realise I was messing up in my course due to a computer issue I'd fix it quickly. I may be (quite) close-minded but I don't see how people can be so computer illiterate in this day and age. Even if she was she could have asked any of her colleagues for help and I’m sure at least one of them would be able to help her sort it out. Accidentally leave a copy of Windows lying around and forget about it kind of help.
  11. I dunno man, I wouldn't want to get stupid on me. This quote is so awesome it's now mine, I own it now, it and its awesome are both mine. I still don't get how she didn't figure things out for herself. When I started reading I had a rant but the further I read this thread the fewer things I had to add. But yea, you don't need to be a genius to use Google. It's not hard to look up information, people just want to push the button and have things work. Bah, makes me so sad at how brain dead we're becoming. Also the whole "not all people want to mess with computers" bit is void imo, if you're in an institute to learn about something you should be in the mind set to learn about anything that might pop up during your education. Like me going "But I never wanted to learn maths in my free time, I just want a degree in Computorz plzzzz..." Edit: While I understand what you said he's a salesman, he sold. Her lack of knowledge helped in the sale probably. It's his job, not his fault she didn't know what was what. Again I reiterate, how hard is it to look up Ubuntu and come to the conclusion that you don't want to use it as your OS? From what I understand she didn't even know about Open Office compatability? She didn't try to open a document on her PC? Come on now. I am pretty stupid sometimes to but alteast I try lol.
  12. Quite an astute observation and I couldn't agree with you more. I know quite a few people who are as you say Code Monkeys and some of them are studying things that would make coding efficiently a huge part of their career, fortunately I changed to something else. I still need to code but my life doesn't depend on it Personally I just love making interesting things that work in interesting and clever ways so I suppose I would fall under the tinkering bit. I just can't sit down and discuss why a linked list is more efficient than some other data structure if a certain type of data was used etc. I can do it if I have to of course, just find it boring Anyway I agree with mirrorshades. I was in the same mind set as Josh when I first got to University or College depending on where you live I thought there wasn't anything I could learn here that I couldn’t teach myself and boy was I wrong. That might just be because I'm slow though! Also it's really nice to be able to study under somebody who shares your interests or has experience in the fields you are interested in. You also have the opportunity to ask these people questions, which is something you can't easily do when you teach yourself. Also in lectures I've heard some very good questions asked by fellow students, things that I wouldn't have thought about at all. Talking with other people studying the same topics as me allowed me to see different points of views. Job wise it helps to have a degree. I know people who don't and have often heard them go on about how somebody who, with the same position as them, earns more due to the fact they have a degree in something. I’m still very naive about how the job world works but thus far it seems to me that it doesn't matter (to an extent) what you know, all that matters is how well you can sell yourself and a degree helps a lot.
  13. This is a really neat way to do it, since all languages are based on algorithms and data structures to and extent but I guess it would only work if you're ok with not seeing any final product. I know the main reason I loved programming so much was because I could code and create something, not mess about with formulas and theory which I spent most of my time doing at school At the moment I'm studying CS at University and the math bit is killing me in my DS&A module. I really wish I spent more (read ALOT more) time with math. I wouldn't bother with VB tbh, I wish I hadn't, I'd go with another language like python or C++. C# is pretty good to. I found Java to be really, really tricky when learning it in my first year. The syntax was easy but the concepts behind OO just elude me completely I guess that's because I come from a structured programming language background.
  14. Hahahaha, oh man...that just made X-mas even better
  15. If any of you like Industrial or Darkweave you should check out Rant Radio, there's a link on the Binrev homepage, s'pretty neat I thought. Link: http://www.rantmedia.ca/rantradio/