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  1. First, don't use them. You should never use tools you don't know how to operate properly. Exploits are no exception. You can end up being hurt. As for what exploits really are, check out the wikipedia article here:
  2. The GPS sucks. Slow and useless and totally off.
  3. Depends on what type of equipment it is, and what service it's used for. Fortigate is known to use MD5, FreeBSD MD5 and SHA1, all depending on what the password is used for.. If you give me the hash, that would probably help a lot. Maybe I'll try cracking it for you.
  4. Ubuntu is great for learning ubuntu, and other debian based distros. It is, however, not a good distro for learning gnu/linux.
  5. > Is there a way i can find the external IP? Not really. > I have tried capturing the broadcast using Ethereal but do not get any specific data. You seem to be confused about how DSL works. Anyway. Let's say that you do find the external IP, and that the login your ISP apparently provided you with is correct, and you do manage to login to the management interface of your DSLAM. Now what? What are you going to do? Do you know enough about DSL / DSLAMs to fix your problem? My guess is that your disconnects are caused by a bad connection between exchange and your home, or that your port speed is set to high. Ask your ISP to reduce your port speed, increase your SNR db levels, and send someone to take a look at your copper line.
  6. Nothing like being owned by a few IP(v6) packets.
  7. This is from the early 90's.. And what does it have to do with *NIX anyway?