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  1. Ditto on that. There was a case a couple of years ago when a guy came to University Of New Mexico on a recruiting visit for the football team, three of his future team mates got a fake I.D. for him and took him to the local strip club (Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club). they ended up getting into an argument with some people in the parking lot when the place closed and when they drove away. A car followed them and shot at them 17 times, hitting his leg and severing a nerve. He was reportedly thinking of suing the strip club for ACCEPTING THE FAKE I.D. AND LETTING HIM IN. I can imagine someone saying "Lets sue the bastard that made the fake I.D. too, it's also his fault". http://www.abqtrib.com/news/2006/dec/19/linz-bulletproof-recruits-beware-bambi-and-tiffany/
  2. That's why I always walk backwards down the street, it confuses the hell out of them. By the time I get to where I'm going I've already been there.
  3. Wow, He was one of my favorite authors too. I read all his books I could get my hands on (Some are out of print and I could never get ahold of). Strange Creatures from time and space, and The Mothman Prophecies are my favorites. I met him and Robert Anton Wilson at a Fortean fest in Maryland sometime in the late 80's (Can't remember the exact year). I got to talk to Mr Keel for a few minutes. I mentioned I read his book "Jadoo" and he was surprised and asked me where I got it. I told him at a small pharmacy at a small strip mall (about 5 stores) in Massachusetts. I left that book and some others with my family when I went into the Army and when I got back I found out they had sold the book when they had a garage sale. Never saw the book again. I couldda screamed!! He will be missed. - strange that I find out about it on BinRev!!
  4. Call the Vatican switchboard at +39.06.6982 and see if you can SE the Pope's personal phone number. (Well, you did say you were bored!)
  5. My first thought is that even with no battery the BIOS should be able to see the drives, you just might have to go to setup each time you boot for the BIOS to see the drives. The second thought is that the drives might not be getting power, do they spin up at all? I've also had certian combinations of hard drives that some BIOS's seem to barf at, it won't see either one when both drives are installed, but will see them one at a time. good luck
  6. Rational thinking has nothing to do with this. I know when I boot up my I.S.P. can see my machine. If I web surf then I know anyone i.e. my isp or the web server I contact can see my i.p address and I accept this. I can accept that WGA might contact microsoft every two weeks to verify my copy of Vista is legit. But this allows Microsoft to know when I boot up, not just when I go on-line. As I said, it doesn't really worry me that isp logs and web server logs can tell when I contact them, that is something I control. I am the one who tells the browser to do this. But to have an application that contacts a major software company whenever I boot my machine without any action on my part other than booting seems a little too much.
  7. Now I'm a little more paranoid Just for the halibut I decided to run ethereal on my firewall system - (running mandriva) - and enable logging for tcp port 80. I then rebooted my windows vista machine and watched. After a few minutes my vista machine did an HTTP get to www.msftncsi.com and downloaded the file ncsi.txt. I did some googling and found that NCSI stands for Network Connectivity Status Indicator. Apparently Vista does this automaticaly after each boot to verify your network is up and running, and the microsoft server it contacts logs the information, including if the vista machine is behind a firewall. A little more googling turns up the fact that you can disable this, but it requires editing the registry. So in the very least microsoft can verify every time you boot your vista machine. Now I'm thinking of setting up ethereal to monitor all network traffic from my Vista machine.
  8. Both of the articles you have linked to are interesting, but the article on DRM states nothing about spyware being included. It goes into much detail about reduced functionality for High Def audio and Video so you can't see the movies you've illegally downloaded or the black market blu-ray DVD's you bought in calcutta. But there is nothing about reporting details to Microsoft (That's the RIAA and MPAA's function). I agree with you on the second article, it is much more informative. Read those EULA's carefully. Damm, Lattera beat me to it, but I'm a slow reader
  9. Hmm... I'm aware of certian features being enabled by default like Vista activation, device manager and hardware wizard, dynamic updates and help and support feature but you make it sound like there is an application that sends mass reports of every user on any vista machine in the world that cannot be disabled. Is there any proof of this or is everybody being paranoid. Even in linux there are file update applications that you can set to run automaticly. Yes, you can disable them or not enable them in the first place but who is to say they don't report user statistics and application usage. (of course they'd have to run under the GPL)
  10. 3 things..... 1.) MY EYES, MY EYES ARRGGHH 2.) I'll never enjoy popcorn again, specially iffn' it's hot buttered. 3.) very clever use of reverse psycology Now back to our regulary scheduled programming.
  11. cut and paste the I.P. address in your web browser and when the web page comes up click on the link E-mail: webmaster@zjcx.gov.cn or call the number provided. That may prove interesting. I get this stuff all the time in my /var/log/auth.log file.
  12. Try googling his username, it turns up on lots of forums with no posts. The second page of google is mostly Hebrew, (I'm guessing it's Hebrew, I'm not sure)
  13. It almost sounds like a voice with interference or beating against another frequency. It's possible the guys transmitter has a problem and he doesn't know it. The o'scope display wasn't clear enought to tell and it would be nice to see a spectrum analyzer display. Or suppose he wasn't transmitting upper side band ?
  14. Just a shot in the dark here, but once some years ago I had to remove linux from a disk and install windows (Yes, I know that's BLASTPHEMY but this was for work) and when I first booted the system it still tried to boot linux but failed. I had screwed up the Master Boot Record and had to do an FDISK /mbr to make it bootable again. Did FDISK report the disk was bootble or just tell you it had an active partition?
  15. I really like "HTML & XHTML the definitive guide" and "Cascading Style Sheets the definitive guide". Both are published by O'Reilly books