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  1. I mainly use OSX86 (Darwin 8.8.1) but sometimes I use FC6. And occasionally I will use ubuntu live cd ( I hate the brown colours ).
  2. Im running 10.4.8 with the JaS ppf1 patch. It works perfectly!
  3. If you have accsess to the teacher's files, you can get exam papers, on some networks even change your score if they store them on there.
  4. Get rid of norton, its slow. Grab AVG/NOD32
  5. Well if you have proof tell him to give you the account back or you contact his isp?
  6. Can you do that with any radio? or does it need to be a special one?
  7. So what does your's look like? Font's, colours, transparencys Here's mine on my osx86 laptop adf.tiff