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  1. Not wanting to start a new thread, could anyone recommend an IDE for linux? or is using gedit+gcc the best way to go?
  2. Openoffice is a good alternative but i don't know about you but whenever i open a MS office document in it the formating is always way off for tables/images and diagrams. This isn't so bad when your viewing it but if you save it and have to give it to someone using ms office then i becomes troublesome. For assignments i just save it as a pdf so it all stays the same but when you have to group work ect then it becomes difficult. However as the college was open to accepting these formats (which mine certainly is not) then this just seems really silly. Don't know if anyones checked back on the article but i find the backlash by ubuntu users quiet hilarious.
  3. This is correct, however the LAN to WAN connections don't fail, they just take me to the router (if i specify the right port, leaving the port blank leads to a connection error) but i would like it so it took me to the webserver on the vmware box instead. (Maybe by specifying a different port. I tried port forwarding on my router but i figure this effects WAN connections, didn't seem to work either way.)
  4. I realize that but it's set so any external traffic who enters that address is routed to the server hosting the webpage, i was wondering if that could be achieved but with internal traffic (sorry how confusing my first post is).
  5. I've set up a vmware Ubuntu server on one of my boxes and am hosting a web page on it. I've enabled DMZ to that address and anyone outside my LAN can type in the address and get to it. However if i type in my external ip address from the LAN it fails to connect, but when i type in the local address of the server i get the web page. I've port forwarded web traffic on the router to the address of the server but i figure this probaly only effects external computers trying to connect. How would i go about routing local traffic to that server?
  6. Last night i left my laptop on and when i returned it was still on but the screen was off. I restarted it and now during bootup the computer will just turn itself off, although the power button is still lit up indicating it's running. This can happen at any point during boot up (Sometimes it won't even start up in the first place although you can hear the fans and the powerbutton comes on, also happens in BIOS, one time i even logged in and could use the computer before it happened.) I've gone through a short error deduction process; Its not the harddrive - happened when i boot a linux live cd and it happens before the OS is even loaded. Not the memory - I tried taking one stick out at a time Not the monitor itself just turning off - Tried an external monitor, still did it, and that one time i logged in i started playing music and when the screen went blank the music stopped, this indicates it's not just the monitor but the entire computer being turned off. May not be the power supply - I tried taking the battery out and just running on mains, still happened, tried running just on the battery with no mains, still happened. This means that it's either a problem with the circuitry, GPU, CPU or motherboard. Now here's the kicker, i changed the powerboard it was plugged into a couple of hours before i left to a new powerboard. As the laptop's never had any problems before i'm guessing it was a dodgy powerboard that caused some sort of voltage spike that has shorted something. The laptop's not under warrenty anymore and i'm unsure if it's worth it's cost getting it fixed (cost $2k AUS 3 years ago.) I thought i may try here though as there are a lot of intelligent people and to see if someone can come up with a suggestion. thanks
  7. Where do you sleep?
  8. My setup is 1 internal harddrive on my laptop that contains windows XP and i have ubuntu on a portable external usb harddrive. When i want to switch to ubuntu i plug in the external HD, change the boot order through bios and then boot into linux through grub. I was wondering if there is a program i can install on the external HD that will prompt, asking which harddrive i would like to boot from when the computer first loads up. This would save me having to go into bios everytime and when i take the ubuntu drive to another computer that i may not have bios access to, i will easily be able to select to boot from the external HD. Someone recommended Vcom's system commander but it looks as though it only supports multi OS booting from a single drive and it wouldn't install on linux anyway. I'm guessing this may not be possible as for this to work the computer would have to access the usb before bootup so that the program could run. However, i'll thought i would give it a shot. Input appreciated.
  9. I live in Australia but on the magazine there was only the price for the American and Australian dollar so i think anywhere else it may be tough luck. Of course you could learn the same info of the web, it's just a nice package they put together.
  10. Anyone picked up a copy of this? Apparently it's bi-monthly. I picked up issue 16 for $15 at my local newsagent. It's actually surprisingly good, comes with backtrack 2 and a bunch of other programs as well as an iso for a live pen testing situation (Basically so you can install this ISO [a version of slax i believe] on another computer then you have something to test backtrack 2 against). It's put out by hakin9
  11. Feel should expand on first post Things i liked about this movie -Realism -Decent Script -Camera work seems good - Intro with the main character Things that really needed improving - Audio needed mastered/ needed to be way better at the club scene (I had to watch the movies using headphones because it became too distorted on my speakers and during the club intro scene i only could make out the end of conversation) - Acting was pretty terrible all over, especially the guy who was hiring the boys (he stood there and regurgitated lines like someone had a gun to his head) and the bloke with the pony tail. - Although the script was good, like someone said, the way they let the audience know about there plans made it look like they were complete amateurs. - Lighting wasn't the best at times I thought i would post this link as it's good to see some people trying to get some realistic hacking media across and the fact they decided to release it freely.
  12. Don't know if this has been posted before but i was linked to this movie last night, it's free to download and very decent. Made by an Australian crew, it's a realistic 0 budget hacker movie. Enjoy.
  13. hmm seems pretty decent imo, add in $15 for the vehicle antenna.
  14. I'm also looking for a pcmia wireless card for my laptop. I've just started using linux on it and of course my old card doesn't work. I'd like one that can capture and inject data packets. Something supported by popular tools such as AirpCap and wireshark ect.
  15. my two favoutire hacking forums apart from binrev are and (mainly for what's happening in the scene)