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  2. umm.... one in 65,535?
  3. too sensationalist/didn't read
  4. perhaps some field programmable gate arrays? i hear they're good at stuff like this, just take a look:
  5. back in high school, i probably made about $300 doing this. It's your civic duty as a thinking individual to liberate idiots of their money. Remember to remind them that for a few dollars more, you'll also hax their girlfriend's hotmail account, and they'll be entered in a drawing to win a tote bag and a bottle of snake oil.
  6. am i the only one who almost cried when i read this? back on topic - become familiar with linux/unix/etc. a substantial portion of the internet is made of systems using these operating systems. a good way to learn it would be to sign up at super dimension fortress. and hey, there's telnet for you too. telnet://
  7. going from the perspective that there is a corpolitical cancer plaguing our society, remember that school is among the afflicted, not the causes. it is an essential resource to individuals, that has been corrupted. imagine a school free of all the bullshit - is that something you want to destroy? (this is the part where i throw in some witty saying, but the best i could come up with is "don't throw out the baby with the bathwater." doesn't fit exactly right, but i'm sure you understand what i'm trying to say.)
  8. dude, it's an american high school. your best way of getting back at them is to let them stay in their peachy secure pornography-free independent-learning-free utopia while you learn on your own time and share none of the benefits with them. graduate there, move on to college, and hopefully, be a contribution to society. pwn them good, by helping everyone but them.
  9. i'd hate to see what happened when she found her gas meter.
  10. i'm also going to reccommend gaim. apart from a few minor stability issues (i frequently lose DNS, and gaim doesn't seem to handle that well), i've had no problems with it. i'm currently signed on to 9 different handles. you should see my agent smith impression.
  11. very simple to use. i've always had it running for lan parties and whatnots. never had any problems.
  12. i used to have an old 486dx connected to a wireless AP in my room (and not connected to the rest of my network.) i have 3 things to say to you 1- get another access point for it, and keep it separated from your main network. never make a connection between the two. 2- MAKE DAMN SURE you're the only one with physical access to the box. keep the system as physically simple as possible. i wouldn't even use that powerful of a machine. 3- this will also help keep people away from your network. it's sort of a diversion. i know it helped me deal with the idiot rich kids who thought they couldn't see my wireless network because i had a "hacker cloaking device" (i use 802.11a. i have yet to see another A network in this area.)
  13. You wouldn't want to. The pay isn't all that fantastic. you'd get paid in t3h inf0z. welcome to the information age, where knowledge is currency.
  14. remember that this is about forum is general hacking, this is not the place for pointless posts. shit posts go in off topic it's also a community. most communities have humor in some form.
  15. i've seen a few sorry attempts at shareware that store the reference date in the registry. i've also seen some where cracking it is as simple as changing IsRegistered to 1. it makes me feel guilty only because it was so incredibly easy to do.