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  1. tokachu surfa.biz/ was working awesome then i just got to school today and i got this
  2. tokachu your my hero, that shit works THX DUDE
  3. cr0 wanna help out? i dont no that much about binary so i would prolly just fuck it up. the website is www.myspace.com . thanks in advance
  4. can any 1 help me out getting threw websense, ive tried searching proxify and all the sites are blocked too, the 1 proxify that i found u have to pay 30 bucks to use and fuck that, if any 1 can point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. thx guys
  5. yeah, im at school and they just recently blocked 1 of my favorite websites, and ive been looking for proxify but all the sites are blocked too, the 1 u gave worked but u have to pay for it =\?
  6. hey guys ive noticed my computer running slower and im running redhat 9 and im new to linux, i have searched google but really havnt found what i was looking for, do you guys know of any spyware removers? like ad-aware for linux?. thx
  7. nice pics i wish i coulda gone too
  8. o jeese , i read some your guys shit and 75% i can relate with, all my friends ALWAYS ask me to fix there comps, and more than half the time all it is , is spyware and shit slowing there comp, yet they are still amazed that i fixed it even though i didnt really do much, and yes, i have been asked "can u hack the school and change my grades" o jeese i love that 1. i just laugh at them.
  9. haha, get him good.
  10. thanks my friends dual and black and every 1 else that helped me out, i didnt it and it works fine thanks guys :voteyes:
  11. help me dual
  12. www.phreaksandgeeks.com
  13. thx dual good instructin except im ggeting pissed, when i open it in a terminal it wont let me fucking edit it, and when i just open it threw the folder or w/e it says i dont have permission, even though i "su" and ive even treid just logging on "root" so i dont no what im doing worng
  14. gf4ti4200
  15. hey guys, stupid questiion, ive looked around and for some reason i cant find the asnwer, but im running redhat linux 9 and im tryin to install my graphic card driver and i have to exit X and yes, i dont no how, so could some 1 plz tell me how to exit X thank u