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  1. Quit yo spammin, foo!

  2. Site is kinda like a youtube for hackers. It would be cool to see others start contributing!
  3. Hey famicoman, thanks for commenting and giving your opinion! I definitely see where you are coming from with the separate video genres mixed with the hacking. I am going to talk this over with the others that are doing this site along side me and see if they share the same opinions. Regards, Graphik Edit: As for the flash thing you mentioned. I am assuming you mean the video download option? Yeah, the bandwidth from the unconverted videos would kill my wallet >.< I hope to add the option for the high quality or unconverted video when the site gets a little bigger and I upgrade my hosting.
  4. Hey everyone it has been SUCH a long time since I have last been on these boards. Anyways, I have redesigned my website that some of you may recall from before ( with the intentions of turning it (for the most part) into an outlet of a multitude of hacking / modding videos and tutorials (Of course there will be other channels to break the monotony). The problem is, I cannot do this by myself in a conceivable amount of time so I am calling upon you guys to help me out by dropping by the site and uploading some of your own videos. Hopefully, after due time we can have a reliable repository of ALL types of videos for both seasoned hackers and the fresh and coming. I am also looking for moderators on my forums if anyone here has the time shoot me an email graphik [AT] veryangrytoad [DOT] com ((If that last bit was against any of the rules feel free to edit it out.)) So again, the URL for the site is: The site is still in its infancy (redone just a few days ago!) so please don't be too critical and feel free to leave your suggestions!
  5. Flash intros are nice and all but I would avoid using one where possible. Look into learning some css and possibly some AJAX if you feel you will be needing it. The key to a successful website is a clean, simple design. Everyone gets an impression when they first see a website if it is clustered with broken code and far too difficult to navigate do you think anyone is going to return to the site? I wouldn't. Most importantly, content. Users need a reason to come to your website and if the content on your site is no more original then half of the other sites in your category do you think a user is going to go to your new site or a site that has been predominate on the web for years now? I know how daunting it may seem now but stick to it! If you need any help feel free to send me a PM or an email: graphik AT veryangrytoad DOT com See ya around! Best of luck!
  6. I toyed with Sabayon for a little while. In my opinion, it is far to bloated. It all the apps I will ever need and all the apps I will never use! I am actually using the Protech beta and am pretty happy with it! Anyone else here use it? Check it out here: I even think it's better than BackTrack, but thats just me
  7. Alright, its going to take some time but I'm going to work hard on it! Thanks for all of the help! If anyone else finds any problems with the site or even has any suggestions on content I should add/remove/edit please feel free to notify me! The proxy was removed by dreamhost because the CGI Script was too server intensive so now I am hosting it through a free hosting site. It is up and running again now though! It is phpbb I intend on getting a better proxy (Specifically one utilizing cURL) but that is still very far above my head!
  8. Sorry I missed those of you who went, my ride decided that there simply wasn't enough beer, nascar, and football for him so, we ended up leaving shortly after we got there. Ran outta V.A.T shirts pretty quickly though! Next year we will be their the entirety of the event and have MUCH more shirts!
  9. *BUMP*
  10. Bah, it's times such as these that I really wish I had my drivers license..
  11. I still need to pick this issue up to see for myself, their not expensive so even one good article is worth the couple dollars I paid for the magazine!
  12. Todays the day gentleman (and ladies too!) Notacon has arrived and I must say, I am pumped! I suppose I will be posting here again while everyone discusses their experiences at the con.
  13. Yeah, I would love to swap some links with you my friend! Please PM me your username for AIM/MSN/ICQ (Whatever you have ) No, I didn't design the icons myself found them on google and touched them up a 'wee' little bit. If you would like I could find you the link again. I am a bit confused on what you mean when referring to the forums. Are you saying there are to many different features (Help, Search, Members, Calendar, ibSpeak, Arcade) or that there are simply too many varying topics? Forgive me if I am being a bit think right now, its a pretty late and I am straining to keep my eyelids from closing As for your suggestion of using hotscripts (That site has been an immense use to me in the past!) are you saying to try and find an alternate forum program then my current invision power board? I originally used phpbb but I prefer IPB much more. I am going to darken the colors some tonight on the news page and see how they look, thanks for the suggestion! I really appreciate the fact that you guys have taken the time to look over my site for me. My main problem (aside from finishing the 'Your Rights' section and the 'Shop' sections) is in gaining members. This is quite the daunting task considering legitimate sites have no reason to affiliate with me due to my lack of users. I have submitted the site to several search engines but it hasn't seemed to help. I will be handing out shirts tomorrow at Notacon (Who would complain about a free shirt?) Hopefully, that will get the name of the site out to more than just my immediate friends and aquantainces. If anyone else has any ideas on promoting my site (respectfully, not spamming!) I'm am all ears! Thanks again guys!
  14. Anyone get this working on Gentoo?
  15. I'll be there as well, wearing a V.A.T t-shirt (giving them out too!) @zal Where you located man? I might be able to hep you out!