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  1. Pumping is a real thing and costs real money. I recently worked for a CLEC whose major source of revenue was running voice bridges for taxi drivers. Every month we would cut several-thousand-dollar checks to multiple hosts, who each had hundreds of people in their rooms. The hosts basically moderate a chat bridge; it's kind of like a combination radio show and chatroom. Sometimes they would feud over someone stealing someone else's callers. It was pretty funny, until one of the major LD telcos stopped paying the bills we sent them.
  2. I've looked in this direction, and it's a thing that apparently many people are interested in but none of them are motivated enough to make it happen. It's pretty disappointing.
  3. Well that's very interesting indeed. I have not received any such notice, hmmmm, and my calling card still works.
  4. I'll see about remembering to do that, some time or another. I'll have to redact it, and that's kind of a pain because it has my name or phone number in like eight places.
  5. Works just fine from my landline.
  6. Now that I'm home ... my card has an access number of 1-800-CALL-ATT. On the card it lists the same number for customer service. On the pamphlet (zine? brochure?) that was shipped with it, they list customer care as 1-800-222-0300, from overseas 1-800-331-1140. Or to set up conference calls, dial 1-800-232-1234. The PIN at the end of the card number is four digits, not three. So my card number is NPA NXX XXXX YYYY.
  7. I have AT&T as the preferred interstate carrier for my home landline. Last year I called them up and asked for a calling card. I believe it was the same line that I called to order my service in the first place. The operator knew exactly what I was talking about and didn't have to transfer me to anyone else. A week or two later I got an orange calling card for 1-800-CALL-ATT. It's a real thing and it exists, the card number is my NPA-NXX-XXXX + YYY (where YYY is something seemingly random), and the rate is around $1 per call + double my normal per-minute rate.
  8. My 1-800-CALL-ATT postpaid card still works great. I just used it for like the second time since getting it years ago!
  9. Other day I tried to place a person-to-person call with my AT&T landline long distance operator. You used to be able to reach them by dialing 0-0, but they have this IVR in front of it which requires another 0 and then another 0 because yes damnit I need to talk to a human. So they've become a 0-0, 0, 0 operator. Anyway, they discontinued that service on 18-March, just two weeks before I called. I was pissed! Fucking phone companies, taking away all the fun bits of telecom. I don't even understand why they would discontinue that. The only cost center has to be operator training, but they charge out the nose for a person-to-person call. I think it was like a three dollar connect fee before they disconnected it?
  10. the sound you're referring to is a result of robbed-bit signalling. i'm not sure why they would flash supervision. in some of evan doorbell's tapes you can learn that flashing busy was used on the long distance network to signal long distance operators by lamps on their cord board, but that went out of style decades ago.
  11. man dang, this is nearly unwatchable. Is that you at the beginning?
  12. Yeah, I scan from my POTS line too. I'm working on a wardialer system thinger, but that's not up to scratch yet. I'll probably post a topic here when it is in a shareable state.
  13. I am a phreaker. I phreak. Sometimes I phreak with phreaking tools, but I don't phreak systems. That would be weird. "To phreak" is an intransitive verb, denoting an activity but does not take a direct object.
  14. Oh, no, I meant they made blanks. The phone at the top of this thread has one, for example. You could make your own with e.g. a laser cutter. It wouldn't have the lip to hold the gasket like a real one, but that's probably not a big concern.
  15. I'm pretty sure you can get an apparatus blank for the 500 set to accomodate a 2500 dial in the round hole. It's not a common thing. It probably wouldn't be too complicated to fabricate your own though.