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  1. so i found bin rev (god only knows how long ago), by using google to look up all the authors of articles in 2600.
  2. well, when i was very young i used to take apart watches and clocks and put them back together. i was fascinated by the moving parts and being able to make them work after removing all of the parts. as i got older i think i first got my taste for computers (other than oregon trail and number munchers) in 8th grade on an apple iie. i don't remember what i was doing on it but it was in school and of course there was no wysiwyg. we got our first family computer in 9th grade. it was a canon computer... yes they did make pc's and it was junk. i spent hours on it. i learned the basic's of pc dos and then ms dos 5 and eventually upgraded the os to windows 3.11 for workgroups... well at least that's what i put on it. then i met a friend in school who introduced me to phreaking. in 10th grade i was thoroughly introduced to such things as red boxing, beige boxing, and a number of other less honerable things we did together and that i learned to do on my own. i'm glad i'm an adult now and have more morals than i did then.