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  1. I know a lot of you are security minded along with being open source minded and have probely already heard of this and use it. For those of you that have not I must say that I love this program. Here is the url keepass you must check out this program. Basically it is a database that stores information and passwords. You populate the database with information that you want. For me I created accounts for each of the forums that I go to. I used to use the same password for each one because it is easy to remember but no longer. I let this program generate passwords for me. You can chose the length and the type of info that will be used such as upper case, lower case, numerals, special characters and so on. You can then open the program and right click an account and chose copy password to clipboard (you can chose how long it info will stay in the clipboard before it is erased) then just past it. It makes it so easy. The one other feature (I have not tried this) is to make a physical key. Without this "key" one can not open the database. You can use anything that can be written to such as a cd, thumb drive, etc. Please check out this program and tell me what you think. I believe this program will make it easier for you to "remember" passwords to everything you need one for. Thanks, Jera
  2. Security hole found in Gmail An Israeli hacker reveals: A security hole in Gmail allows the compromise of users' email boxes – without the need of a password I just read this article at a site and thought people would be interested in it. The link to the main article is Please read if you have an account. Thanks, Jera
  3. I use firefox. It seems that it crashes pretty often ( between 1 and 2 times a day). I did not have this problem when it was version .7 or so. Does anyone else have this problem? Normally I would not complain about it crashing however today I was on a download spree trying to get episodes of various radio shows. I was downloading dtmf, haxor radio, default radio, and binrev radio. Now I do not recall where I got the links for dtmf radio and I can't seem to find the all the episodes for default radio. Also if anyone knows of any other radio shows I should get please provide a name and link. Thanks, Jera
  4. Glad to be able to help. Thanks, Jera
  5. I am not sure if this is what you are talking about but, you can make something like that with an admin tool. I know the tool is in win2k srv not sure if in xp pro. I believe it is called wininstall le. It lets you create .msi files which can be installed as if you have that app. For example: say a network admin needs to install office to 500 computers. Basically he uses this program to take a snapshot of the windows machine. Then he installs the app, in this case office. Now he reruns the app. When the app is rerun it sees what has changed in the system: registry, added folders, etc and records them in a .msi file. You can now use that file to install office on the rest of the machines. I beleive you can also you winzip and winrar (use the wizard) to create a self extracting zip file. Hope this information is helpful. Thanks, Jera
  6. Here is a link I found as well about/from google I think this is something I am interested in doing. Perhaps it is one of the "projects" that can be part of the forum works on? Don't get me wrong, I am not exactly sure how this works or what they ( team) is working on but I am about to do some research on it tomorrow (it is 5am) because I am going to bed now. Thanks, Jera
  7. I don't use linux so take this advice with a grain of salt. I have been reading a book called Moving to Linux: Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!. It appears to be a great book for learning about doing everyday things on linux. Once I finish reading it once I will install linux and use the book to help me when I am stuck. They recommend using jabber for linux instant messaging. Jabber I am not sure exactly if it is a plug-in or a stand alone app similar to gaim where it can be used for yahoo, aol, etc. If you are having trouble using yast to update/get gaim working perhaps you could try using ximian's red carpet which apperatly is now owned by novell? here is the link red carpet I hope this helps. Thanks, Jera
  8. I just heard on one of the rfa episodes (8?) that your dl# is based on your soc#?? Is that true? If so how do I go about fixing that? Thanks, Jera
  9. I want to ask if I may burn the binary revolution radio shows to cd. I want to have them in my backup files and I would like to make copies for 3 friends. I would also like to do the same for radio phreak america shows. I have nero as my burning software and noticed that when I try to burn them as audio they take up a lot of room so can't get many episodes on a cd. I don't want to waste cd's and hoped there is another way to go about doing this. Should I try to compress the files? If so what do you recommend I compress them with? Basically I have never burned audio to a cd before so I need some direction. Of course with that last sentence you may all be thinking "ya right, never burned cds" well to tell the truth I don't really listen to music. The music on the radio is too repetative and the one good station was bought up and they changed there music selection. I don't buy cd's matter of fact I own 7 cd's and they were all birthday gifts. I don't download music. Basically I have not found music that really speaks to me. I don't really look either because I don't know where to go to listen to "non radio played" music. So if you could please point me in the correct direction to learn about burning .mp3 files to a cd and/or about a place that I can listen to "non radio music" I would appreciate it. Edit: I would like to be able to listen to the cd's in any cd player not just computer cd players. Thanks, Jera
  10. I think you can use some software on your computer to do this as well. I think the software is free and I think thescreensavers has some info on this. Good luck and stay safe. Thanks, Jera
  11. It seems to me that a lot of the people/hackers here use linux so this might not apply to you however, I have been thinking about putting programs on cds and then just having those cds with me when I am going to do a new install. I also heard that some of microsofts OS can be on one cd. Like win2k, 2ksrv, 2kadvsrv. I thought maybe it would be cool to put all of my windows OS onto as few cds as I could. While looking on google I tend to find this info to do it on dvds or for xp and 2003. Does this seem interesting to anyone? Has anyone done this before? Can this also be done with linux? What do you think about doing this? Thanks, Jera If you are looking for me I'll be at a computer reading info about doing this.
  12. It depends on the OS. Each OS uses different files to start the boot process. If you look on sites about microsoft or search the microsoft news groups I am sure you can find the answer. I have the information somewhere but am unable to locate it at this moment. Thanks, Jera
  13. How is it warez? I happen to have a win 95a and b, win 98, 98se, 2k pro, 2k svr, 2k advanced srv, and xp pro disks all with legal serial numbers. Besides that I can get a copy of win 2kpro, 2k adv srv, and 2k srv all on one disk from college. If you are taking classes in the computer field. There are stipulations like you have to be in a specific class or classes, you can only have the cd for 3 days then you must return it, and of course you have to agree to not go around installing it on every computer you see. Besides that it is legal. Higher learning schools have done this type of thing for years. They get a license from the vendor to allow students taking specific classes to make a copy of the cd for use/learning. People can get programming languages, operating systems, image editing software, etc depending on the classes you are taking. Of course the funny thing about this is that you have to be smart. The teachers normally don't tell you about this program, nor does anyone however, if you ask your teacher, librarian, or head of the department they will know about it and tell you about it. I found it simply amazing all the people that were taking computer classes and never got the operating systems and played around with them. They would ask my questions and eventually the question would be "do you have this os"? and I would tell them yes I got it through the school. I would explain all about the requirements and then they would be in classes that are not approved for this benefit and therefore miss out. So I suppose the moral of the story is always question things and ask questions. I hope this helps someone. Whenever you have questions ask, ask, ask. I used to be afraid to ask questions in class because I felt everyone knew so much about computers that my questions would be a waste of time. Now I ask questions that pertain to the topic when I am confused or think of something the prof did not mention and I write down questions that don't specifically pertain to the subject during that lecture and I ask when the prof has office hours. You may not believe it but most profs care. They will be glad to sit and talk with you about anything. In fact most people will. Thanks, Jera
  14. If you have admin rights you can add the .vbs script to the log on script. Use the xp help to find it or I'll tell you. To assign a logon script to a profile Open Computer Management. In the console tree, click Users. Where? Computer Management System Tools Local Users and Groups Users Right-click the user account you want, and then click Properties. On the Profile tab, in Logon script, type the file name and location of the script. For a network path, use the following form: \\ServerName\ProfilesFolderName\UserProfileName For example: \\Puma\Profiles\Clerk Notes To open Computer Management, click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management. If the logon script is stored in a subdirectory of the domain controller's logon script path (Sysvol\DomainName\Scripts), precede the file name with that relative path, such as: clerks.bat or admins\lauraj.cmd that is all there is to it. Very simple and it is what the local college uses to connect printers, give folder rights, etc. Hope this helps. Thanks, Jera
  15. I used to be a strong beleiver in buying books. I used to buy new books all the time. For birthdays and other special occasions I would ask for gift card to local book store. Yesterday on the radio I was listening to the top 10 things you should never buy new and books was on the list along with cars, exersize equipment, tools and some others I don't recall. They said no reason to buy books because you most likely read the book once and then you are done with it. You can borrow the book from library or a friend. But the reason that I chose to not buy new books anymore is because of the amount of trees it takes to make books. I beleive the number was 500 trees to make 10,000 books. I then think sure I can buy used books but there are no used book stores near me. Do you recommend a internet used book store? If so which one(s). And as a last thought, if I am to be purchasing computer books then won't the books be old and beyound usefulness. Like buying a windows 98 book when I am learning 2000. What do you think and recommend? Thanks, Jera
  16. I love to search and read off the web but after a while my eyes start to hurt from the bright white like on google. I was wondering if there is a way to make some sites show a different backround color but not mess with the color on other sites. I tried to do this using the tools > options > general tab in firefox .10 pr what I did was change the backround color so that it between white and gray so it is easyier on my eyes. However, it also changed the backround to other sites that I visit and the one I really took notice of was binrev. I think because of the following reasons 1. I like the look of the site and 2. I visit it just about every day. So when I typed binrev then pressed ctrl+enter to get to the site I noticed it looked wierd. I thought that something was wrong. So I changed my tools > options > general tab back to default so as not to use my settings it showed up the way I remembered. So what I am wondering is if I can set up somehting so that it only adjusts the backround color from white to something not so bright. Thanks, Jera
  17. Does anyone ever feel like they are doing everything they can to get somewhere in life but it does not seem to work. I feel that for a while now I have done what I can to get ahead. I read no less than 2 hours a day, I take classes at the community college, I try things on my computers, and I read/search the web for info. I just feel I am getting no where. It makes me depressed to think of all the work I do and to know that I have yet to get anywhere. I don't think I can go on like this anymore. Am I the only one that feels this way?
  18. WOOT! I got a reply. Unfortunatly I am not a programmer so I am not quite sure what you mean but I don't care, at 3am I am just glad I got a response. Thanks, Jera
  19. I like to save all my files on a seperate partition now that I learned about that sort of thing. So I set up a 50 gig partition next to my 30 gig main partition. I start transfering files to it like the little bit of music I have, the first season of binrev, things of this nature. Eventually I would like to burn some of these to cd. I don't think stankdawg would mind but I am going to ask before I do it. After I transered files to the 50gig partition I decided to change it to fat32 so I could access it with linux. Well something happend and the partition is all messed up. Windows does not even see it as a drive anymore. The only way windows recognizes it is if I use computer management > disk management. It says it is an unknown partition. When I right click on it to see if I can do anything the only option I get is delete partition. So I boot into the old 3.4 knoppix and I can see the partition. However I can't write to NTFS so I am trying to figure a way to transfer the files and then fix the partitions and then put the files back. I did manage to use my yahoo email account to transfer 5 very small word files that I needed for school by attaching them to a email and sending them to myself. However some of the files are way to large to do that. So basically is there a way to transfer the files like ftp? What do I need to do to make/get a ftp or whatever. I don't know what it is I would need to do or how please point me in the correct direction. Thanks, Jera
  20. I am someone that is trying to learn about computers, hacking, and electronics. I decided I would listen to the binrev radio shows but was wondering, should I listen from the beginning (episode 1) or just start listening to the lastest ones. I did start listening to the beginning and now just finished episode 11. What do you recommend? Thanks, Jera
  21. I am in the process of finding a video/music player for my machine. I am being run by windows xp (because I find linux difficult at the moment) and I don't want to use the dange windows media player. So I was looking for something new to use and found vlc, winamp, and realplayer. I am looking for something that is free, easy to use, and does not install spyware, adware, etc. If some of you would make your recommendations and/or give some comments on these players or others that you know of I would appreciate it. Thanks, Jera
  22. Well I have yet to find winam pre version 5 unless I am confused which usually is the case however, I found BSplayer to be quite useful, easy to use, and cool. Thanks so much for the advice everyone. Thanks, Jera
  23. Sorry but to tell the truth I thought that he was soe was making something up or messing around after reading his other post with all his leet speak or whatever its called. Next time I will search on google before asking. Sorry about that. Thanks, Jera
  24. I'm sorry but I am unfamiliar with #bookz and undernet. Please elaborate on those things. Thanks, Jera
  25. I am going to format my windows xp pro box and perhaps make it 2k or I may even try to make it a linux (have a version of knoppix 3.4) box. I am wondering what are your favorite apps and what they do. Also what are must have apps for a fresh install of xp or 2k. My must have apps are - spybot search and destroy - adaware - avg antivirus - firefox (If I could d/l more than 1 file from same server it would be even better) - spyware blaster - tweak UI Thanks, Jera