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  1. I have been working around the school network myself, and I've gotten pretty far. I can now get the login name of anyone in the county and reset the password. Right now, I'm looking for a way to add a roaming admin so that I have enough power to fix one of the computers and go sit back there. To clarify, they have no additional software. They use Microsoft Professional Networking software to wire all the computers in my county together, not for long, though. In the past 2 months, they have added alot more security, aswell as broke a few computers. P.S. If anyone knows how to give an IP Adress to a computer that doesn't have one, I could move back in the room. Thanks
  2. do you know where I can find a free guide to learning C? If so, please tell me. I'm a fan of messing around with computers and would like to step it up a notch with C. So if anyone can tell me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. Schools aren't that hard to hack. Right now, I have been playing around with the network in my computer course. I found out that all the computers in my county are hooked together. Today, everyone in the tech class went around shutting other peoples computers off through command prompt.Sadly enough, if anyone screws around with that, they'll be suspended from using the school computers for the year. If you touch it from home, they take one look at the logs and they can trace it back to you. I wouldn't try messing around with the computers because it is a serious offense. But it is possible and very easy.