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  1. checksums

    checksums? I know or at least I think that they are just ways for validating a file. How are they created, modified etc? What is the difference between checksums and hashes?
  2. You know you're a nerd when

    ahahahah can't wait till I have kids and ruin their social lives by indoctrinating them into the nerd culture. I bet when hes a teenager and hes all rebellious, he'll tell his dad to :stfu:
  3. windows terminal services

    so ur telling me u login in under the same username at the same time on multiple computers?
  4. windows terminal services

    This may seem like a stupid question, but is there a way for terminal services(win32) to have multiple logins under the same name? IE a "student" account which everyone logs into.
  5. Slack 10

    downloading the whole mirror as we speak. I might be able to host the iso's for a short while.
  6. Linux Noob question (pleas dont flame!)

    rather than editing the xf86config file, which can be a little confusing for a noob as you put it, just run the xf86config utility from command line. HTH
  7. dual boot linux

    If your going to share the /home partition, you need to make sure that the uid's and gid's are the same for users. You dont necessarily have to have the same user names ... but just remember which responds to which. I dont recommend sharing the home partition w/ the same names, as different versions of software on the different distros may overwrite each other's configurations. Then again, if you had different names on the systems, then you wouldnt really be sharing now would you
  8. good eTexts to print

    I have access to a good printing supply for a short amount of time, and I would like to be able to get the most out of it. I'm already printing out the Rute User's Tutorial and Expedition. I'm looking for things of this magnitude which would help me out in any way. Post url's if possible
  9. Hello everyone

    not THE Grifter, just ur average Grifter heh.
  10. Getting Started With Linux

    learn command line utilities definitely. The more that you use the GUI, the more you will hurt yourself. The commands are basically the same for every distro, w/ some distros having different commands, but all of the distros have different gui's to perform the same task, so any attempt to remember how to do this on several different distros is just dumb. I guess they're not THAT different, seeing as how most of the gui's are on KDE or gnome, but those should only be used for convenience. Start by downloading some packages that you want to install on your system and untarring them. Compiling source is something that you'll do often in Linux, and this very routine procedure can get you comfortable w/ linux. Besides, if you happen to have a few dependencies to resolve, you'll get LOTS of practice
  11. Hello everyone

    Hi guys, I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I really like what you guys have going on here. I'm a college student whos into the typical computer stuff and I'm looking for more and more knowledge. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for me to do this so if it isnt sorry. Anyway, I look forward to learning from all of you guys, and I hope once in awhile I can teach you something :voteyes: See you guys around!