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  1. i definetly suits the homepage
  2. hmmmm in my school its preety hard to get some alone time with a computer but on a windoze 98 system i know how to access the windows folder if that helps? PM me if you want to know how.( i cant be botherd to type right bout now)
  3. Cmd line: -p "a port here " or Cmd line: they worked the other day but not now.......
  4. did that and it said the same thing
  5. i was playing around with netcat last night and i started to play with it today.........................but when i tried to connect to a ip it would say "no ports to connect to" im thinking right ill try connecting to my router (ive connected to it b4) and i tried and no luck so im wondering can u HELP!!!!
  6. Exit frame is the name of the site as i can tell its new. :ranaway: CLICK HERE that is all :devil:
  7. And who is going to agree to the terms?
  8. I am now thinking to move to austrailia where i can use other poeples internet 4 free
  9. That's illegal. Bizurke: The "adapters" are called Pigtails which connect to the MMCX/MCCX/MCX or whatever connector your card has, then to an N connector which you can place your antenna on to. They're usually "Microwave cable" like LMR-400 which reduce anntenuation. Although 2.4GHz is in the ISM band and "unlicensed" you can still only push 4W EIRP on it before the FCC comes to break down your door - though I'm not even sure a CB amp will hit 2.4GHz. Either way it would still be illegal and you should stop now. Yes but is it illegal to do it in australia?
  10. erm.......yeah what he said :devil:
  11. theres always a browser vulnerabilty. when will these poeple learn....if its not broken dont try and fix it
  12. Traning? u mean Training You dont want a video u want a book (cheaper and more challenging)
  13. firstly get urself a cantenaa, boot up your Pc or laptop (the 1 u use the most) install a pci wireless card (or laptop card for a laptop) plug in the cantena, use netstumble to find the network, ⊃⊂ cannect to it ⊃⊂ *FREE INTERNET* :jawa: :jawa: :jawa:
  14. hmmm alot of nice reading materail there 4 when ur bored *like me* overall a good :voteyes: but is it usfull?
  15. :voteyes: