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  1. I just want to make a batch script that will search for a specific type of file and copy it to the specified folder.This is my code,but i do something wrong and it doesnt work,I am on Vista.Thanks for your help. Desktop files mkdir ..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%\Slurp_Data\Desktop\ xcopy "C:\*.doc" "..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%\Slurp_Data\Desktop\" /s /c /q /r /h /y
  2. Since you have to know,its my wired connection and the wireless connection provided by the municipality of my region.
  3. In extension to this,has anyone achieved combining an ethernet adsl connection and a wireless connection into one,so to have to download speed of both ? I found somewhere that this was achieved by using WinGate,but i couldnt make it work.Any ideas ?
  4. Hey guys,i am searching to find out how to combine two adsl connections( one wired and one wireless) in one,so i can have the download speed of both.I have read that using WinGate it is possible,but i havent found enough information or instructions on that.Any suggestions ?
  5. Hey,guys.Can someone help me to make a batch file that will search my hard drive for a specific type of file and will copy it to a specific folder or in a usb ? Thanks.
  6. Hey,guys.My cousin is sharing his adsl internet with me via wifi,is it possible for my cousin to look in my computer or search through my files,or even see my msn messenger messages?Thanks
  7. ok,i understand that what i have in mind is impossible when we are talking about free users because of the CAPTCHA image,but when you have a premium you don't get the captcha the subject is under which conditions a premium user can download a file and generate premium points for the uploader of the file.
  8. I knew that it was too easy to be true.Only by the download of a file by a free user ,premium points are generated ? Lets say you have a premium account,is it possible to generate premium points ?
  9. I was wondering if is possible to make a program which will download a specific file from rapidshare for a specific number of times ,so that someone can gain more premium points.It will be very useful if it was possible the downloaded file to be deleted automatically.What do you think,is it possible ?
  10. I am trying to make my first steps to the social engineering,can you suggest me some books to read about this subject ? Thanks
  11. Can you fnd the location of a computer if you know its ip address ?
  12. I thought of a trojan too,but i haven't the knowledge and the experience to make it undetectable or to make one on my own.While i was searching ,i found a program called Remote Desktop Spy,have you heard of it ?
  13. My aim is not to leave many traces.Any ideas ?
  14. I have gained physical access to the computer of one of my friends,which programs would you choose to perform remote administration ?
  15. I am just wondering if MSN IP GET works....Does it work?