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  1. Just a thought: But I don't think flameing droops is a good idea. He IS a mod after all, unlike me. I'm surprised this thread is not locked. I'm not insulting him, i'm talking about you. It's sort of obvious considering he hasn't/didn't post in the ebook writing thread. I was doing exactly what I was told to do by the mod I talked to just as I was doing exactly what stank told me to do by doing what the mods asked of me. Stank asked me to do what the mod asked of me: When I talked to the mod in questionon the phone and he told me that my helping the community self regulate was a good thing and I should continue to do it I was glad I was helping. That is what I'm doing, just as he asked me to. I'm not at fault for any other thing then doing what I was asked to do: Just as the mod and I talked about. If I'm misunderstanding something then that is not my fault as the mod is the one one who told me it was ok by telling me he thought it was a good thing and I should continue to do it. I’m just doing what I was asked to by the staff of this forum, why the hell are you yelling at me for doing what stank asked me to do by doing what ythe mod asked me to do?! Nothing personal but I’m just following orders.
  2. Just a thought: But I don't think flameing droops is a good idea. He IS a mod after all, unlike me. I'm surprised this thread is not locked.
  3. Please keep it civil. As the rules f the forum explicitly state flameing will not be tolorated. I'm doing exactly what I was asked to do by the stank and the mods: I was asked by stank to do what the mods asked of me, and I was asked by a mod to help the community self regulate, report bad posts like this one to him, and to generally help with letting people know if they step out of line in a civil manner. If you don't like it then too bad, it’s not personal I’m just doing what I was asked to do by the binrev staff as instructed by the owner of the site himself.
  4. Let the mods do there jobs. Starting that will only get you flamed/banned/locked/. He left for his own reasons so let him have his peace, to do anything else would be a large disrespect. I'm still working on my very large cross platform C tutorial.. If anyone here likes writeing docs, knows C, and has over 1 hundred quality posts let me know.
  5. You dream about things like this as a kid in fourth grade but you never expect it to actualy happen. Suddenly I find myself trying to remember all my childhood desires so I can remember the numbers I used to win the lottery...
  6. Exactly my point.
  7. That limitation may have been due to the limits imposed by your salt supply/setup. You use common household ionized salt or sea salt? You try setting it up with ocean water as the feed?
  8. That's what bellsmind is. Check out if you want to code interfaces for it.
  9. I agree.... I don't want to be an asshole but why do you keep policing things Belgarath? I'm not 'policing' anything. I gave my opinion just as you are all doing now. I also reported this thread to a mod just as I was personaly asked to when I was on the phone with him. I also gave my own personal opinion in this thread as a reply just as you all have. That's all. I could have flamed him. I could have outright called him a script kiddy for having to use code archives to do what he did since he posted himself he used precoded scripts rather then his own code. But I didn't. I really wanted to. Just a reminder for the record: This is a whitehat forum not a place to post about your blackhat/script kiddy expliots. This is not a private forum and anything you say is a matter of public record and available to law enforcment. No one who uses precoded scripts done by others is considered 'elite' in my book.
  10. Use notepad, vi, nano, or even emacs. Stay away from flash as use of it limits accessibility and in some cases is even illegal to use due to accessibility laws (like in the UK). Don't use JavaScript if you can help it. Do everything you can server side. PHP ( ) is the best thing to use if your server supports it. If it doesnt get a non-crappy host, I can give you the details of a really nice one if you PM me, and ignore newimageservers for hosting as they are not in my experience reputable or ethical.
  11. Vigilantism seldom is a good thing. It gives the greater good a bad name and can even be harmful or as in this case, illegal. Not that I condone this sort of thing as I don't: You broke the law, infected a remote host you dont own with malware, and shut down a bawt-net. Only the third on this list can be seen as a good thing. For that one thing props. Next time why dont you just message the admins FIRST and tell them about it. If they dont close it down then how do you know they are not in on it? They had the power to stop it but didn't. That logically says they dont care and are willing to help, or the user may have even been a admin of the irc network.
  12. That only works on windows. Renaming the application to a jpeg file works on every OS I know of. When admins look at the jpeg they get a crappy image error.
  13. Servers are best done in either C or C++. If you use C use a linked list to hold oll your connections so you can scroll it and send the same message to every fd. If you use C++ use a object like STL vector that allows iteration so you can do much the same thing.
  14. IMHO PHP based chat systems have too large a load on servers to be practical. Many hosting companies ban the use of them from there servers due to the high load they maintain as well.
  15. If your goal is network/whatever compatability your efforts will be protected under the DMCA. If not expect trouble. I would contact the linux-xbox people, bring them into the fold.