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  1. Quick question about Jikto. I have the source code (I believe same copy Iron Geek has because i was in the IRC channel while he was looking for it, and got linked to it) but i am in no means a java script expert (in fact the complete opposite) I cant actually work out what the Jikto does to your computer - I ran it then closed my browser - and i couldn't find any trace of files left behind. Does it actually install anything to the computer it is run on? If it doesn't i dont rely see how it works. someone care to enlighten me?
  2. Yes, it is Java Script. I have the Source Code, However I'm not entirely sure how it works since i am by now means good at or a fan of Java script. If any one wants to take a look I would be happy to send it to them, although I may have to be careful since I don't want it to end up the in the hands of a bunch of skiddies.
  3. yer RevOS is a good movie, the one with Woz and the synth/black box is a documentary by the discovery channel, i saw it recently. I haven't seen Pirates of Silicon Valley yet, i want too, but i cant find it any ware. The Code Linux is quite good if i remember correctly:
  4. Vista Air lines: You walk Turn up at the airport and every thing looks strangely familiar. Walking through the air port you are stopped every 10 meters and asked "If you are sure you want to precede" You are just about to get on the plane, then you suddenly think you have made a big mistake. YOU ARE ON MAC OSX AIRLINES. you try to tell the staff but they assure you that this is Vista airlines and that it is all <shiftyeyes>completely original.</shiftyeyes>. Being the curious type, you break into the engine room, which was extreamly un-secure. Taking a look at the engine, you realize that it is in fact exactly the same as the ones on Windows Xp air line. you go back to your seat and relax, the in flight games are exactly the same as the ones on Mac OSX airlines and that you notice features that are apparently *new* but go saw them on Linux Airlines ALONG time ago. the flight has a few bumps along the way but run, for the most part, with any problems. When you get off the plane you go at get your luggage, only to notice that it has all been stamped with signs saying "property of Microsoft"
  5. No need for a screen shot. White (NOT gray) on Black. I keep it simple
  6. I started using *nix on Ubuntu, then tried out Gentoo for a little while, however i didn't rely like it so i went back to ubuntu for the user-freindlyness (word?). Since then i have been experimenting with FreeBSD which has been fun, and a great learning experience.