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  1. How would I go about doing this if it was the problem?
  2. I think it is a driver because all the research I have done points to the driver just being crappy in general. But i have tried masses of drivers and nothing seems to work . I think the first time I installed a special driver but I cant find it, or remember what one it was. I know in Linux it is supported and I have almost gotten it to work but im still a noob using Intrepid Ibex.
  3. Feel free to move this if it is not in the right spot, but here is the deal. I recently got an IBM Thinkpad Z60T and I am having wireless problems. When I first got it and wiped it, I got the wireless card to work perfectly. Now I wiped it again and it will NOT hold a connection. Constant drops without warning. Now please don't ask me how far away my router is, how many walls I have, ect. I was wondering if anyone here has had a Thinkpad and had to deal with this and maybe how they fixed it? Thank you very much! B
  4. Alright. So I have this old prepaid Nokia 1600-4 Phone on The Tracphone/Net 10 network. I know that the only way I can use another SIM card with it is if I firmware flash it to a different version and then unlock it..But I have NO idea where to even begin to look for Flashing Software. If anyone could help me out with this matter I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, B
  5. Nope..It just dissapears.And I don't see anything.. You should fill me in lol..I have no idea whats going on. EDIT: Just a few seconds ago this popped up. "The path \\***.***.**.* does not exist or is not a directory."
  6. Oh lol.I know the ip adress to connect to..I just need a tool to connect. We have our own usernames and passwords haha. They encourage it for kids with macs so we can save our files from home. But I have windows and they say there is no way. But there has to be.
  7. So our school is run on a mac network. And all the students have their own file on the server. I was wondering how I would go about connecting to my folder from home on a Windows XP Computer. I know on a mac all I have to do is hit Command+K and type in the ip address and then my User name and password. I would like to be able to do this from home. Any suggestions? Thanks. B
  8. Yeah. The device is working properly and I have the latest drivers. I just figure I will buy a new card soon. Im sick of not having the internet at home..It's starting to get to me.
  9. The wireless point is in a different building. I still get 60% signal though. It's always worked. All the other computers on the network are wireless as well. I definitely restarted wzc. I dont know what else to do. I've tried everything. Im afraid my card is just shot.
  10. I have a Linksys Wireless G with speed booster Wireless PCI card for my home computer running Windows XP Professional. For the last 5 months the card has worked completely fine. All of the sudden, It stopped connecting the the network but it still detects it. All the other computers work on the network. I thought maybe a virus? So i reformatted. Still, Nothing. Does anyone have any ideas? I would not like to go out and buy a new card. Thanks, B.
  11. Thank you much people. Your the ones that keep me coming back
  12. Does it come with an airport card driver? There is one right?
  13. Ok.So what is that box actually called. Does anyone have any links to info on this box. i would like to learn about it. Im not really thinking about tampering with it now, but maybe after I learn up on it. The video was sort of helpful. Im pretty sure that my n00bness on it didn't help. But any information or tips would be appreciated. -B
  14. I wish I was good with phone systems. Im pretty sure this could be messed with. This is the phone junction box (As labeled. I don't know for sure) Outside of my cousins apartment complex.
  15. Ok.I am sick and tired of my xbox live lagging. I know it is not my connection. It says that my NAT is closed, while in fact, I have both ports 88 and 3074 forwarded just for this purpose. Same with Utorrent. It says that those ports are not forwarded. I have a feeling that this is the work of my ISP and I dont know what to do? Should I call my Service provider and ask them to unblock it? Anybody with any information should contribute. I have been having this problem for years and I NEED to fix it. Thank you very much. -B