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  1. Torrentleech invite only site and bitlord 1.1 to download with I got tired of a majority of my downloads from torrentspy came with viruses or were not as described in the torrent (i.e. wrong file, wrong version, no keygen/serial). Their reputation got steadily worse as far as I'm concerned not to mention they are the first to cave incase of legal threat.
  2. Some at college, some at off-campus apartments, some at home on weekends. I did ask which provider they were on thinking there might be a correlation but nope. Some are comcast, some are Verizon, some are local small provders, some use AOL, some are Mac, some are Windows.... I checked every correlation I could think of before I contacted M$ about it.
  3. I talked to about 75 people at my college who use MSN messenger who get randomly kicked offline. I even had a professor ask our class becuase he was getting kicked offline every 20-30 seconds or so and reconnecting endlessly. I've emailed a friend of mine who works as a public rep for M$ who tells me that they migrated to new servers when they introduced Windows Live Messenger's last update. He said they'd check on it.
  4. I've seen this problem too and I can guarantee you my systems are all clean. I've seen it happen using the Windows Live Messenger client, it outright crashes my Scatterchat if I attempt to login to MSN, and I've seen it in Trillian where it will go for hours on end disconnecting and reconnecting but never holding a constant connection for more than like 5-10 minutes at a time. I'm beginning to think it's a problem with either the Live Messenger servers themselves, or something with their login system that isn't holding connections steady.
  5. At least it's not as bad as Verizon Online in Pennsylvania - they give out those Actiontec WG704 wireless-equipped gateways or some Westell thing with wireless. Both come with WEP enabled and wireless on by default with the cozy little sticker on the bottom labeling the default WEP key for the Verizon specific firmware. What they don't mention is that every unit distributed uses the same default WEP key and same default logon information. Repeat after me - stupid.