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  1. Hey guys, Here are a few things that you need to remember while trying to capture packets on a wifi in windows. 1) Is your networked a switched network ? If yes then... ......a. Does the router perform a port mirror for all traffic to a single port (usually port 1 for netgear).Capture that to capture all traffic. ......b. Does your router have an uplink port? Use that port to caputre all traffic. ......c. If none of the above is applicable, change the router or contact your router proivded to give you an upgrade or something. 2) Does your network adapter support promicuos mode capture ? .....a. If not then you cannot capture all traffic from your network. .....b. My laptop AR5005G Atheros does! so yours should too. 3) Does your network adapter driver support promicuous mode ? .......a. If not then use an alternate driver for your card "" is such a provider. 4) If it still doesnt work...(it worked for me at this stage), then you will have to do some R&D from here on. Please post back the answers that you may find in your research so others can take help from that.