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  1. Hi guys. I haven't been posting in a while... think I should get back with this since I have some time till the fall semester starts. .Anyway... WINE does stand for wine is not an emulator but it really is an emulator (if you look at the definition for emulator) But yes, it does not emulate windows itself. It emulates the windows APIs so that you can run applications. FlashMX works pretty well and impressed me. I used it to do work for a class I had last semester. It will also run some openGL games like the half-life crap. If you use debian you need to install the libwine-twain and libwine-print or whatever the exact names are cause otherwise you get errrors about certain dlls which are in those packages (annoying but they seperated them for some reason) The old stuff works pretty well because the wine project has been around practically forever. Blah blah blah. If you need help or have questions about wine feel free to ask since I have gotten a few things to run on it recently and in the past and know a few tricks :ranaway:
  2. Sometimes kernel patches are applied or things that come with the kernel are modules. Modules don't have to be GPL or LGPL. You could use the Nvidia drivers for example. The kernel even pops up a stallman error telling you that your kernel is now tainted with non Free code. Anyone is free to submit patches for open source projects, BUT it doesn't mean they are gonna use them! If the code is GPL or LGPL though, you could always modify the source yourself as long as you provide the source to anyone who asks for it. Redhat makes most of its money these days off of selling the boxed versions which come with extra software which is sometimes not Free and by providing technical support. This is a different economic model then the closed source software so you can't always compare them. If you want to read more up on all that you can head over to gnu.org or the fsf page, and also find yourself a copy of the Cathedral and the Bazaar (online or in written form from O'Reilly)
  3. I hope it involves porn
  4. Well, after letting my site sit with hardly any updates for over a year I contacted the guy who hosts my site on IRC saturday, had him install drupal and had it up and running within 30 minutes. I also finally have a shell so I have complete access to my domain! Anyway, its not really a hacking site. My site focuses on gaming. But since it is my site it isn't your typical popular gaming crap. The focus will continue to be on things like classic gaming (but not just emulator releases like some other half-ass sites!!!) and pocket gaming, and hell anything I feel fits in with the style of the site. So, anyway.. If you like gaming and/or not following the status quo just because everyone else is then please by all means help my site prosper by participating in discussion and submitting stories/news that I can post. There is a comment system for stories, as well as a small forum section I added and there are news feeds so you can keep updated on the gaming world. Click here to visit!
  5. Or you can just use bit torrent and get it: http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/download.html Now theres proof that p2p isn't just for warez Save the server some bandwidth by distributing the download among everyone!
  6. Can't resist temptation to post... screenshot...
  7. I like metacity these days, its pretty much the new replacement for sawfish and has some pretty sweet themes. If ya want more themes: http://art.gnome.org
  8. Was on IRC and one of my e-buddies was talking about this. He is an amateur pilot and goes flying. Said he took a laptop and was flying around 2500 feet and picked up a dozen networks. Wacky stuff! Just wanted to share this little tidbit.
  9. The Mozilla Editor isn't half bad. If you just want a quick simple page the old netscape 4 one was pretty nice. I used to use that. Another handy thing for the design challenged (or just plain lazy like myself) is http://oswd.org/ open source web design. You can browse through, pick a design you like and then download the code and edit it to suit your needs.
  10. Kid is on crack or has too much free time
  11. I don't know what the highest OS version you can put on there but you can probably upgrade it to somethin for free now. Apple has all their older OSs for download, you just have to dig them up wherever they are hiding.
  12. Buying the book from o'rielly is probably one of the best things to do since their books are so high quality and really worth it. Any of the "in a nutshell" books are so much more useful than "Learn Lunix is 3 hours!!!" kinda stuff.
  13. I really wish I wasnt such a klutz and learned to really skate when I tried back in high school. I still own my old heavy blank board. I never had any friends who were willing to show me what I was doin wrong so I just went out and made a fool of myself fallin over a lot. Maybe I will pick up the hobby again cause I could use the exersize and it is spring now so no more snow I have started playin guitar again so at least I haven't given up everything
  14. I used the PGI installer to do both my current desktop and my windows machine dual boot. It detects all the hardware for ya, uses kernel 2.4, has an X gui by default which you can turn off if you want, and is only a 90MB iso cause it grabs everything from the net. It also installs the whole system base and starts it up without rebooting the machine which I thought was cool. Another thing that was cool is that while the packages were being installed I could ctrl-alt-F1 and open up a shell to start ssh and get on IRC!