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  1. Thanks i will take a look.
  2. Hello all. Recently i got a Dell XPS 13 from work, and noticed that it has the option for UEFI. Now being that i got my A+ back in 2001 and with the rapid change in technology i am still in the BIOS age for now. All of my home machines still use BIOS and since this ultrabook has UEFI what better opportunity than to learn now about it now. Can somebody guide me to a proper website or share their experience with it? I am looking to do a dual boot with Windows 8.1/Ubuntu x64. So far googling and youtube have only shown me very little how on to actually set this up properly. When i enabled UEFI it shows the Windows boot manager as the only boot option and that's it.
  3. So what do you guys prefer using TOR? or Proxy4free.com ? I have been thinking about getting into hacking now that i finished my CCNA course. I am currently reading up on proxies, and would like your opinions on this matter thanks.
  4. Appreciate the words of encouragement.
  5. Yes please a short little video would be very appreciated. I haven't been using it because i am not very familiar with VPN Clients. I would love to know how to use it for file sharing and gaming networks. Thank you for your time on this matter.
  6. What happens once you connect? All i see is the hamachi interface with green lights and that's it. I know this is noob question.
  7. Dam there is soo much stuff to learn. I like this app, i will check it out tonight, thanks. Actually putting it on two VM Machines sounds like the right idea just to test it out.
  8. Hey i would be interested in something like that. I have another PC here with a triple boot of 2k, XP, and Suse Linux all 32bit. I haven't hacked a PC before, so i don't know what software i would need. But also i'm behind a router so i guess i would have to place it in the DMZ right? thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the info back on this. I will try it when i get home in a bit. I'm taking a CCNA Class now Oh then this would be good for using like IRC and bittorent then right?
  10. I'm a noobie on this proxy thing, but what is the point of doing this?
  11. Thanks for the link, i'll check it out.
  12. Hey that's cool. I'll keep a look out for it from time to time, look forward on the content. Thanks again.
  13. Hey great website IRONGEEK, gonna check it out tonight. Hey DosPod what's your website? thanks.
  14. Thanks for the info, i will look for other things. The Radius angle probably involves me setting up a sperate PC, and i really don't wanna have two pc's on all day. But anyways this is a great site and forums, i will be popping in a lot more offen. Thanks again for all of the information.
  15. Thanks. Is doing something like this act like a second layer of security, or should i be looking into something else. Thanks again for all of the information.