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  1. Best idea yet But if he's a co-worker couldn't you just walk over to his cubical and kick him in the jolly danglers?
  2. 48%
  3. Don't have cable....what's it about?
  4. Firefox :voteyes:
  5. Questions or comments about our products? Consumer Relations Call toll-free: 1-800-468-1714 Weekdays 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST From the Hersheys website.
  6. that was awesome
  7. Two of my favorites http://www.radicalfuture.tk/ http://www.phrack.org
  8. Not if you have broadband. Plus you can get it on Ebay for $5, not free but pretty damn close.
  9. Linux is free ya know. http://www.linux.org/ Check out some flea markets or perhaps Ebay. then again CompUSA and other retail stores also carry quality laptops for under $1000.
  10. Wouldn't know myself, tis a little out of my price range CMS 2GB hard drive: USD$329.00 Compaq dual PCMCIA sleeve: USD$214.95 Pharos GPS: USD$249.95 iPaq 3650: USD$399.95 MIG24WAVE: USD$ 55.00 I can't even afford a cheap laptop for some driving
  11. cyberunixfu.tk now linked to ya
  12. Thanks
  13. Just started using them for http://cyberunixfu.tk about two weeks ago, it's alright for my needs. of course i don't have any large files or anything on there, just text and links.
  14. Not sure this should be in the Phreaking section but oh well Welcome Grifter! Awesome handle BTW.