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  1. Does anybody have a list of the new N4E switches and the NPAs that they serve? I found one in Fort Myers, FL a while back (NPA 239). I think it's 151-T (I can't test it at home, need to do it from work where I have access to a real POTS line.)
  2. Luckily I still have an AT&T post paid calling card that still works. I make a call on it every once in a while (one that doesn't supe) just to keep it active. Not surprised they're getting rid of collect, but getting rid of busy line verification is interesting. Maybe you can only do it through a local operator, not AT&T LL?
  3. I think this is the first 1AESS replacement in over two years. I've been wondering when they'd be replacing the remaining ones.
  4. Woo hoo! Having DV is OK, but not fun to experiement with. The CS-2000 works but it's rather bland and boring. Even the old 5ESS I served off of before I went to FIOS had more character! I've been on DV for three years and miss being on an old school landline. I just wonder at this point how I could switch back? (if that's even possible)
  5. Thanks for posting. I'd love to attend one of these one of these years. Sounds like a whole lot of fun!
  6. There are a handful of dialup BBSes out there. Last count was around 25 or so. However there are about 300+ telnet BBSes out there. Looks like the old dialup BBSes with all the great ANSI art, just via the Internet.
  7. Great service. I wonder if there's a way you can modify it so that you can choose the number instead of having one randomly assigned?
  8. Ringback numbers (or any test number for that matter) were different in different areas, different phone companies, etc. Most are still out there, if you can find a pay phone to test them with! (good luck with that!)
  9. Wow! I need to get a new transmitter. I have a 2-line COMDIAL phone from the 80s with an F-style (square earpiece/mouthpiece) but it uses a carbon mic. I use it quite a bit but people say the volume is too low. That may solve my problem!
  10. I go up near that way on business trips every few months. If I ever get to stay over a weekend, I see a side trip to Vermont!
  11. Sounds like one of those operator services that COCOTS were famous for in the 90s. I wondered if they were still around or not.
  12. 702-564-1111 - Las Vegas time/temp/weather (CenturyLink in association with a local TV station)
  13. So far so good! I've worked on a few tapes and so far no SSS (Sticky Shed Syndrome). I talked to Evan about it and said that none of his tapes have ever had a problem. I'll have to see how well the rest of the stack works. (crossing fingers)
  14. 844 has been "alive" for a couple of months now. 844-250-0392 routes to your local AT&T tandem.. please note they're ALWAYS closed for the holidays!
  15. It went digital about 2 1/2 years ago. Here's a thread on this when we found out.