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  1. I'm pretty new to phreaking, and I'm interested in setting up Asterisk (for testing purposes only, of course). I need a VoIP provider? Is there any way to do this for free?
  2. I was checking a host out, and their HTTP headers included: Rapidsite/Apa httpd 1.3.33 I've never seen this before, any ideas?
  3. I like how his command prompt is yellow.
  4. Well, that's the only part of the script that looks funky to me.
  5. The script I downloaded said "kiddies, read through the code _very_ carefully before running it ;]" So I'm assuming theres something theres something malicious they expect people to remove, and skiddies to get messed up with
  6. I got a perl script and there's an interesting section in it, and I'm curious as to what it does. I'm fairly new to perl so, I don't really understand it, here it is: chomp; s/([<^&>])/^$1/g; s/\%/%25/g; s/\>/%3e/g; s/\</%3c/g; s/([\x0D\x0A])//g; s/\=/%3d/g; s/\&/%26/g; s/\+/%2b/g; Looks encrypted? Thanks
  7. I seem to have stumbled upon the /etc/passwd file on a dedicated linux server. However, all the passwords are x, meaning.. It's shadowed? There are two files, both of which I have no permission to: /etc/shadow, /etc/shadow-. Have any suggestions on how I may obtain the password? Root is up there as well =P
  8. For counterstrike, it's -windowed, try that.
  9. That's absolutely ridiculous. They should find the right people and get their own 0dayz, or code their own. Buy it? Wow. It's not that hard to code your own =P
  10. Can anybody help me find a link to the download of mod_ssl 2.8.17 for apache 1.3.31? The _UNPATCHED_ version please. I'm doing some security testing.
  11. I recently heard the firmware of most cellphones is coded in c/c++. Would there be a way to transfer the firmware from your phone by plugging it in, and decompile somehow, and modify the source to geekerize your phone? =P thanks, nick
  12. Are you joking? Love that phone!
  13. Minus the 13 year old kids exposing themselves and being stupid. And living off picture comments =p
  14. Why can't I download server-side scripts with wget? For example, I found an unprotected config.php on a server, but obviously it doesn't echo anything in the browser. So I wget'd it, and it comes up empty. I know for a fact the file contains data, so why cant wget get it? Is there another program that can?
  15. I want to take a screenshot from a movie I'm watching in winamp. So, I press the ol' printscreen, and paste it into paint.. To find that if I move it around, its only where the player is, and doesn't show up when its closed... It's hard to explain, just try it for yourself and see what happens. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, or knows how to fix it, or another way to do it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks a bunch, nick