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  1. Nobody here is going to help with that.
  2. So if I call them they will re-activate it?
  3. I just reformatted and when I installed windoze it said that my product key has been used too many times..... Is there a limit to how many times you can install it on the same computer?
  4. Oh...I feel not so smart now.
  5. Gates then went on for fifteen minutes explaining why Linux was superior to all other computer operating systems - "especially Windows." Gates also had some critical comments of Microsoft's flagship OS. "I never really liked Windows all that much," said Gates, "All that crashing and rebooting drove me nuts. I stopped using it about 3 years ago, but it was a pretty good money maker for the company so we stuck with it." Is this real?
  6. After updating uTorrent wouldn't open.
  7. What is a normal hack? Like hacking a website, to test the security. What is used? That is an Explioit
  8. What is a normal hack?
  9. Teh uber-leet myspace haks, of course! I have some of those. I'm selling them for only $50 PM me for more details.
  10. What hacks?
  11. I just like. Plug all the thingys into the thingy and then plug that thingy into the other thingy and then run that one thingy and its all good.
  12. Day Of The Tentacle FTW
  13. Why are you recording so much?
  14. Yeah, Putting together your own could be cheaper. Why are you recording a bunch of Halo gameplay?
  15. A Terabyte external drive would be pretty expensive. $300+ If I was going for one I would prolly get this one. Link I've used Fantom Drives before and they have been fine.