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  1. next we have Slackware and Red Hat
  2. so strom, what do you think would be the safest way to scan on a regular land line? is there anyway to get the number of a calling party with a anonymous CID before the call is even answered? or after the call is terminated without doing a pain in the ass *57?
  3. i wouldent worry about that. when i scan i just dial *67, if you get any call backs or someone askes why you called that number, just say you got the wrong number and you dialed it on accident.
  4. yea, you can only see that so many times before you become sick of it, kinda like bannanaphone......
  5. ok we got a trailer, but its a AVI around 450MB does anyone know a good program to compress this AVI into a DivX?
  6. yes, welcome! (A picture of the annual Hariy Hackers of America pool party)
  7. Mine is just a 1.8Ghz P4 with 512mb ram and on board video(shitty but I got it free) and system has a box thats 2.6Ghz athlon with a gig of ram, with a radon 9500. so it should work fine, but even on systems box it still skips frames. what version of premiere are you using? maybe i should just try to get a newer version. what our problum with premiere is that when you preview it in that smaller window, is skips, and same when you export it.
  8. Well so far the Erosivision trailer is still in the editing process but thats the problem, we need a good editor, program wise. I tried premiere 6.5 but it is really slow and skips frames, anyone know of any good video editing programs? How do some of you edit your videos, and what do you use?
  9. yea get the .org, we want to be an organization.
  10. Or just get them to go cut the wire when the computers on, that way you'll probably loose the person and the computer.
  11. I find it funny that 174562 people have been named since October 1st 2003.
  12. o yeaaaa, Im a smooth haxXor!
  13. I opened a couple last night and you guys are right, there are no locks on those boxes, the first one I opened looked like the one first posted, but it had different cross connects. It had some type of test probe, and a place to plug in a butt set. The next one wasn’t telephone related at all, same green box, but it’s was some 1/2 inch coax wound up, and a box of brackets. The third I opened was similar to a b-box but it had a larger amount of lines and those plugs in block things (forgot the name). ill post some pics if I can get stills from the video.
  14. that is nice, iv been trying to get into one of those, did you find it unlocked or how did you get into it? all the ones iv seen like that have a padlock or a locking handel on them.
  15. That program looks kind of cool, you should add another part that takes the non-sequential list and puts it in sequential order, that way you don’t get bored scanning, but you still have a nice list of numbers that are in order. I would like to try out the program, I’m sure many people on this forum would be happy to host it if you would like to make it available. iv found lots of "message centers" that operate like that, the person saying there own name, and having a search in the directory of people that work there. I would also like to know who makes these systems; there fun to play around in.