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  1. re: ep193 What happened to no politics? Binrev plugging policy? I appreciate the episode and did find it entertaining and informative, and forgive me for being daft. Was the apparent consent that it is a good idea for police to have the power to database everything we do perhaps sarcasm? Was the interview at the end meant to scare us or recruit us? Some creative criticism? A little less pwning and a little more hacking. Cheers I get the informative part and I'm not scared, just annoyed that by invoking the Holy Mantra "It's for the children" you were advocating hackers to do police work. If our society is so concerned about children can you please explain public schools. This seemed to have a political bias, but that may just be me. However the last thing the "free world" needs is fringe groups showing the oligarchy how to better control us. It's to help the children now, but so were seat belts. Increasingly crimes by their very nature (an act in violation of the system) are becoming "computer crimes" (the new infrastructure of the system) and often attract much stiffer penalties than the mundane equivalent. A bit worrying that. Again, cool episode. The interview was a nice touch, I dig media that follows up it's stories. A bit more hacking content would be sweet, buying a robot vacuum cleaner is not hacking.
  2. no pressure, but could I please have a new binrev episode? cheers
  3. There's always a way around IM client blocks. We all use IM so you all keep figuring out new ways to keep using IM. Have a staff/family/binrev/whatever meeting and tell the people that you wish them not to use such programs and the reason why. If they are employees + using your equipment + abusing the resources= bring their own laptop with cell card or fuck off. On your network you are king. The GlobalInterWeb is not a democracy. Or you could introduce them to clients that run under sybian. http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtml Get them to buy new phones and then unlease bluetooth vengeance upon them. Or if you don't have the power to do that, use a Jedi mind trick on your supervisor and warn of the "hackers" out there who use IM clients to "root" your system.
  4. I have the same problem! I've tried everything on this thread! NOTHING WORKS FOR ME!!! I want so bad to be an elite haxxor like the rest of you, but I can't even open my machine and reset things to default. What's an eprom? My computer has two (or more) batteries? This is more confusing than when my sister used me to practice for her prom night!! If only I could READ WEBSITES UNTIL MY EYES HURT or PRINT HARD COPY AND CARRY IT AROUND AND READ IT ON LUNCH BREAKS OR ANY FREE TIME I HAVE THAT ISN"T SPENT MASTURBATING WHILST LISTING TO BINREV RADIO. I suck, I'm gonna go buy a 2kw power supply and connect it to my zyphoid process now. but I do know how to edit. ZZZZAAAAAAAAP!
  5. opensuse 10.2, redhat 8, win3.1, winxp I've had redhat on my brokendown laptop (busted screen, fuck you sony) for a couple years and still don't know how to use it very well. More recently i've ditched xp on my new laptop and installed opensuse, which is wonderful, except for the package management system. For some reason I can't add any online repositories so i'm still in default and considering putting a small partition with xp so I can watch my anime. 3.1 is great fun for those of use who were around "back in the day" Long live Dos! Xp is almost strictly for gaming and movie watching now as even my wife is digging the open source vibe. Does basic count as an operating system. I still use my malaysian IIe clone about once a week. Oh yeah. Seal, you rule, I'm watching the pirates battle right now cheers
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Script_kiddies
  7. w0w c@n 1 b3 @ 1337 h@x0r t00? there is no need to "hack" myspace, it is the world's best social data warehouse, mine it. If you can't think of something a little more fun, and challenging to do with myspace than h@x0ring someone's acct. you need to read more.
  8. Deffinately reformat your machine mate. The best solution with windows, or at least the least time consuming when faced with strange behaviour, is to just wipe your partition and re-install. I've made a disk of all my favorite programs (firewall,antivirus,spy/malware detector, network tools, etc) to limit time spent on reformat. You'll be amazed at the preformance increase after a fresh install. But windows does basically suck ass and you should be prepared to reformat at least twice a year, and always backup your data. Don't worry about "breaking" your computer, even if a windows stalls while loading, you can always use knoppix < http://www.knoppix.org > to wipe the drive. You can't really do any damage to your machine, and windows deserves whatever damage befalls it I'm learning linux www.opensuse.org as an alternative to this nonsense.
  9. Another for avast! on win32. I'm still figuring out how to install programs on linux though... And yeah, norton fucking sucks
  10. Alright, I've sorted out my connectivity issues. Thanks for the help :voteyes: I've also found the drivers that i need for my video card! this will be my first time updating a driver using linux, any suggestions? Other than gooo gle it? the package i downloaded is a .run file. cheers again
  11. Cheers folks. It's nice to have a forum for n00b questions. I've got windoze on the machine right now, but am going to see what ubuntu looks like. I'm mostly new to linux (dual boot xp/openSuse). I'm gonna use it to serve up personal content for family, maybe set up a bbs. I might just put it in the dmz and watch you all pwn it. The connection here (Australia) has 1.5mb upstream and I don't pay for the bandwidth.
  12. I'm re-teaching myself html code and wanted to turn my old laptop into a web server for testing/hosting purposes. Is it possible to host from my own den? I don't have a static ip, but do have 24000.1500 dsl. i know i can use it as a server on my intrawebnetwork, but want to see how it goes on the global interweb. cheers
  13. maybe not though... http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=243687
  14. I have had the same message. Apparently it is linked to the winamp process as killing winamp on my box closes it. I imagine it is som sort of malware, don't click the box, kill the process instead. I've done multiple scans of my hd for all manner of malware (takes a bloody long time these days, thanks MS!) but have had nothing turn up. Take precautions anytime you see stuff like this. Don't do any banking or sensitive work until you get it sorted. I recommend a reformat, always a good solution to windows shizer
  15. I used to have a cheapo compaq rz1710, battery life was really good even after a year of heavy use. Normal battery life with the screen on it's lowest setting and underclocking it to 150mhz was around four point 5 hours. The transition is a bit rough at first, but ebooks are cheaper and it's super cool to carry a library around with you. I now use an old ass toshiba e740 (ebay 120au) and it licks my balls anyone know how to install linux on it? Moved this post from a thread on 1984 in Linkz to here. -Seal