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  1. Also I am going to install Vista pretty soon, so how would that work? Because I wouldn't want Vista to overwrite my windows stuff.....god i'm a n00b!
  2. I want to install Ubuntu Linux on my computer. How do you dual boot OS's, and how do you divide your hard drive into sections, one section with your windows stuff, one section with your Linux stuff? I just want to be sure that I don't erase all my data. thanks in advance for the help
  3. But how do I get started? I took a quick look at wikipedia, and there appears to be programs called Disassemblers and programs called Decompilers. How does the code differ between the two, and which one should I use?
  4. Where do I get started with this? I don't know anything about binaries or hexes or decompiling, but i would like to learn. Are there any good tutorials? I would like one packaged with a simple program requiring a registration key, then the tutorial could tell me how to crack it.
  5. I want to embed video on my website. So i uploaded video onto a file hoster called Media Fire. The problem is, the download link changes every few days. The download page is here http://www.mediafire.com/?ezo5nmyznrt I was thinking that there could be some kind of script that looks at a certian section of the source HTML, that is, the section that has the download link. For example, if the HTML was (i'm just making this up): ljdkfsjskdfjsdk download_file (url=www.mediafire.com/download4893487) dkfjsfjdsfksldfj and the next day it was ljdkfsjskdfjsdk download_file (url=www.mediafire.com/download111234) dkfjsfjdsfksldfj it could look at that one part of the code and find the url of the file
  6. XD I think that "sholder surfing" is my best bet. Thanks for the advice.
  7. please guys there have been 14 views on this topic, couldn't there be a couple of replies?
  8. well i don't have any exp. in hacking but if you could just give me some starter tips that would be great. the directv reciever has usb port on the back (one of the large ones). would some type of keygen work? plz help