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  1. well thats not very friendly


  2. I suggest dual booting XP and Ubuntu
  3. Zonealarm Pro is a really good firewall. I had the same question about a day ago....
  4. ummmm.....................What??? could we have a better explination please I think he means they were downloading things off of the internet and that caused him to pay money. (I think...) And I have no idea what he means by "i dont get it how?"
  5. are we talking a hardware or software solution personally if it's a software firewall your looking fore i like zonealarm I Googled Zonealarm and it seems to be the thing I am looking for! Thanks....
  6. I need some help. I am gonna start a new network and I wanted to know which free firewall would be the most secure to use. BTW <<I am gonna use Linksys Wireless. Thanks for any suggestions!
  7. Did you get the code directly from the guy or did you download it somewhere?
  8. Check this out it is pretty funny!
  9. I would probably use C. Really depends on which language you know best!
  10. Yes there is several SAM dumping programs out on Google! Pick a simple and easy to learn language and LEARN it... To get past the block use (Its decent but i use it to get the job done a school ) Tor would work. Most of the stuff you asked you can find on Google....
  11. I wanted to look into running OS X on just a regular box thats not a Apple product. I am not sure what to search for. I would appreciate any help/links! Thanks.
  12. I know this isn't the worst but, it is half decent. Yahoo mail gets quite a big amount of spam.
  13. If he was smart he would've attacked from another location rather than home, and been completely anonymous. As for anonymous mail, use hushmail. Maybe you should read!!! I just was browsing and deiced to try this and it worked. It was not like I planning an attack to deface there website!
  14. Tor wont work while sending an email. Any suggestions?
  15. A bit too late to keep quite, you just told everyone one on the forums. But explain to the guy: Maybe put info about how to fix it, or who to contact. Just don't try to sound shady. What I meant by "quite" is not to tell him..