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  1. Open source it where its at. I for one will defiantly be monitoring the progress of this. Regards, Diablo69
  2. Woot always more to learn . I've been in the Security Game for a while now, but I just figured out after 8 years of doing it, that I really like the computer security aspect of things and not information security, though I do dabble here and there in forensics. Anywho Thanks for all the in put. I really need to study perl again to automate my scripts as I don't like to work harder than I have to . Use to have perl automate scans for me . Anywho i'll be back periodically. Back to the forums and eq2 I go.
  3. I wanted to know if you could use the -oN or -oG option in nmap to save a logfile that can be pulled up in nessus, and scan the ip's that are contained in that file that nmap generated. If this is possible, please explain to me how this is accomplished, I just spent a good 20 mins on google trying to find the answer.... This is as close as I have gotten...cred goes to http://list.nessus.org/pipermail/nessus/20...rch/014949.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- just tried this and found it to work fine -- nmap 4.01, nessus 3.0.2, and NessusClient 1.0.0.RC4. And checking "Do not scan targets not in the file" caused Nessus to avoid scanning hosts not in the nmap output file. You may want to check your logs and make sure nessusd is loading the nmap.nasl plugin and launching it during your scan. Is there an issue with the format of the nmap output file? And what exactly do you mean by "Nessus does not appear to use this file"? In other words, what makes you think there's an issue? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any suggestions? Diablo69
  4. Port scanners wifi scanners anything that makes my life as a admin easier. I mighyt just have to go back to windows mobile again
  5. Does anybody know of some mobile network security tools that will work with a blackberry 8320? I know palm and windows mobile have a few, but I would think blackberry has some as well.
  6. vtc

    I have researched alot about vtc.com. I recently bought a membership to the site, however I was hoping I could download the files to my hardrive due to me not having access to the internet all the time. I have tried flashgot, download helper, orbit, and xfer, and nothing seems to work. I read somewhere that they employ DRM protection. Any advice? Diablo69
  7. no....I know how to do it. I was just wondering is usenext created for the not so tech savy people, while the more tech savy people use giganews and find files with the site you mentioned in the post above.
  8. I recently figured out how to use giganews and newsleecher to find binary headers. I have also heard of a program called usenext, however but from what I can tell is it just makes what wouldn't be that difficult, dummy proof so that the avg user who knows nothing about computers can use it. Does this sound accurate? If not please fill me in. Diablo69
  9. Demonoid is back btw..therefore its back on my #1 list, followed by mininova and torrentz.
  10. I finally copied the config file over from backtrak, however it worked on backtrak after fiddling around with it and loading the intel driver manually on backtrak...so I guess I am going to have to download the same driver that backtrak was using and install that on my ubuntu box, and hopefully kismet will work then.
  11. On a sidenote it keeps closing the server connection b/c the card is in AUTOFIT mode. Strangly however I did type "iwconfig eth1 mode monitor" and it went to another line that is blank..so I'm guessing that means the cmd worked. To find out if it worked do an iwconfig eth1 and it should state the crard is in monitor mode. As for it working can it detect any wireless networks. (yours maybe)? It could be that your card's driver reports the signal levels different than Kismet understands. Also, if Kismett.conf is set up for the correct driver it should put the card in monitor mode at startup. When I put my card (running HostAP) into monitor mode and then start Kismet an error will be generated. I think backtrak (a live wireless auditing linux cd) has a special ISO for your particular card. Give that a try and copy the configuration they have to your installed linux. I will try that when I get off work today. For now I though I have to go another death run. Thanks for the advice and the tip.
  12. On a sidenote it keeps closing the server connection b/c the card is in AUTOFIT mode. Strangly however I did type "iwconfig eth1 mode monitor" and it went to another line that is blank..so I'm guessing that means the cmd worked.
  13. I was running kismet..I finally got it working under ubuntu for the ipw3956 intel pro wireless card, and anytime I hit L on the ssid it says "Wireless Card Power" Server is not reporting card power levels. No Signal information is available. So my question is..does this mean I have kismet configured wrong, and if that be the case..whats the easiest way to fix the problem?
  14. I don't even really have to go into how much this is bullshit. My real question is since all this shit has been implemented OPENLY, b/c lets face it they were doing this shit years before they admitted to it. Anywho, I use Tor and Privoxy, but I heard from a few friends that it isn't really as secure as people say it is. So the question is, what is better than tor? Or can Tor be configured in a more secure manner.
  15. /me says F*** that!!