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  1. Unfortunately gentlemen, it's not all that simple. RF and sound waves are two different things. In order to transmit RF over a cellphone you would first have to convert it to audio. Once converted you could then play it over the phone. On the other end of the conversation you would then have to convert the audio back into RF. This does not take into account the quality loss that is found over cellular audio or the fact that most keyless entry systems use some form of encryption, typically in the form of a synchronized random number generator. In short, even if you had the proper hardware for the conversion, you would still need to know the algorithm. And since it is based on a synchronized random number generator, you would have to know which number the devices would be using next. vector and I decided that it isn't feasible. I still stand by that decision.
  2. I've tried using that. I wouldn't recommend it for XP due to the shell issues, but 98 and 95 run pretty smoothly. Another decent shell is LiteStep.
  3. I use it and I'm happy with it. It's a lot easier than searching around for proxies, and it's just one less thing to worry about when browsing the web.
  4. I normally do toll-free scans so I prefer to use payphones. I know I can't get in trouble for scanning from my landline, but I still feel safer scanning from a payphone. I prefer payphones over landlines anyway.
  5. Try using the search feature of regedit (Edit > Find). That's the only thing I can suggest at this point in time.
  6. Let me know if it's any good. I've been thinking about picking up a copy.
  7. Do the newborns have to be alive for a specified amount of time or are they just given an SS# as soon as they come out? Plus if the kid dies do they revoke the number or does it stay with him/her.
  8. Zearle, Do you know where I could find a copy of your lyrics? There are a few songs that I wouldn't mind seeing the words for. Keep up the good work. [Can I get an IP for this post?]
  9. Using the actual coords lowers the risk of having a browser display the usemap incorrectly.
  10. I'm trying to setup a server with a brand new G5 and I'm wondering if Mac OS X uses something similar to the SMB protocol, or if I will have to buy another piece of software to setup multiple file shares.
  11. It is. I found several errors in the lyrics that he posted.
  12. Zearle is the only rap I'll listen to. Keep up the good work man.
  13. Where the hell did that image come from?
  14. You could always use a wireless access point at a cafe.
  15. So who has the book at this point in time? I wouldn't mind being added to the list of recipients.