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  1. HA
  2. On Now !!!
  3. Anyone Still using this ??? Is it still Up ???
  4. I learned how to actually put the skill of " READING " to work and began to understand things before I tried to just DO THEM !!! Things go so much easier when you take the time to read how it works first !!!
  5. I like the idea of a " Dead Drop " being able to leave Info or Objects in a location for others to retrieve without interaction is great !!!
  6. I am on that !!! I noticed it !!! I am just glad I have AXX to this again !!!
  7. Guess I am NOT New, but I am back !!! How has everyone been ???
  8. Ohhh What a Vacation !!!  Lets Get it On !!!  :Grr:

  9. Its so great I walked away from those partylines!!! Fuck them, and everything they thought they were!!!
  10. Instead of buying them, it sounds like a fun project a few people I know started back in the day! Why buy what you can harvest!
  11. I learned everything I know about Hacking from listening to a great little show called " Untitled Radio " ...
  12. Just a thought!!! instead of several blocks being scanned by many people on a project, have people scan off blocks that are in thier own state! Have them stored on a Central site, and work that way! it is almost always a local call per user per state, and it will get more scans done in various areas and states!
  13. ... FAIL ... Its obvious noone gets on google anymore, because the Answer is right there ... Take it from me, you learn more by not doing something then you would attempting something!!! if its revenge or something bad in your thoughts ... Let it go! If its wondering how something works, install a system like thiers, or have a friend do it, and have them give you access to a prive system to test on!
  14. Ohh trust I will .. I am just getting all my Financial Aid in order, and when I get that done I will have more time to do personal stuff .. Right now I work alot, and getting into University takes up most all the other time!
  15. Google gives you the opportunity NOT to signup for thier services, but if you do just be careful what content you have sent there! If you are smart about it, and learn to manipulate thier services you can use gmail to also find alot of cool pages based on the content you have sent to your account!