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  1. I look up in awe.

  2. What method are you using to send the MFs? I sent the MFs right through with a direct connection from my computer to the mic input terminals on my 500 set, although it produced a nasty 60 Hz hum on the connection. To solve this with a direct connection, use a high pass filter, or simply generate the MFs on a device that isn't being powered from an AC outlet.Here is a copy of the MFs I used, electronically generated 2600Hz tone and all. The standard timings for MFs are 60 milliseconds, with 60 milliseconds of silence in between them. However, the KP tone is sent for 100 milliseconds, with 100 milliseconds of silence in between it. I've never heard Livengood do anything besides give a reorder immediately AFTER sending ST, no matter which long distance company was used to call in, VOIP or otherwise. This isn't a timing problem, but a dialing pattern problem. Your above example is showing a dialing pattern of area code + suffix, without a prefix. I find that highly irregular. Nothing personal, but in my nearly 25 years of blue boxing, I've never seen any such dialing pattern used anywhere. Do you have any real recordings of actually completing calls using this method? I'd love to hear them. -Mark