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  1. he definately wasnt using photoshop.he was actually stealing pictures from the pictures folder...he was putting up ones that we hadnt even used as our dp's
  2. This one time me and my friend were on msn..and this guy from egypt added us (or so he said he was) and all the sudden.i see my display picture as his...when i asked him how he did this.he just said he had a program that could pull our pictures off our is this possible..and how is this done.i think it would be fun to play around with.thanks.
  3. oh.i havent come across that yet..but ill be on the look out. how creepy and funny woudl that be.." watching you shave your dog....FROM AMERICA"
  4. phone number?
  5. lol yeah...ill go do that...right after i finish being creepy and watching people in restaraunts and pet shops
  6. lol you really like to get me with the googling stuff....dont you get it.i like asking here because then i dont have to filter through tons and tons of stuff i dont want.
  7. are there any other websites that have stuff like this other than the one just posted? this stuff is very bored...can anyone else tell?
  8. watch this this has kept me busy for the last several hours...i dont know..but maybe this could be led somewhere else?
  9. Hi..ive been here new to all this please be patient with me..i will learn..somehow.but anyways...hi?
  10. I thought that cain and abel had a tool for showing the hidden letters and numbers underneath the ****
  11. Ok. Im gonna try the ophcrack cd. That sounds like my best option. Ill just write her a tutorial and stick it in the cd case. Thanks everyone for your help and if anyone is still up for teaching me to remotely get her passowordim still up for learning. Thanks Blinks
  12. ok..heres the parents hate her and her parents hate still in high under their would kind of be a fun learning experience for me...but if it all comes down to there some program i can give her on a disk that she could run on her computer without having to log into anything?? like a program that is very easy to use (she is computer retarded) there is simply no way i can get access to her computer physically.
  13. alright...i can probably manage that soon..but after that...what are the steps or programs i can use to gain access to her pc.remotely?
  14. shit...thats gonna be hard isnt it...
  15. im trying to access it from a remote location. My House lol