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  1. The one in Montreal is still going but seems to be peetering a bit, if you are in the area on the first friday, why not join us.
  2. Met Seal and Aghaster at a MTL2600 meeting - encouraged to join (with a little arm twisting ) havent forgotten the pics btw had a grand time, thanks guys p.s. still rolling my eyes over that podcast!
  3. Hi, joined a little while ago but this is the first time i've had to post I'm Kelly - complete newbie but eager to learn tech-writer in chem and pharma mostly but want to broaden my scope teaching myself assembly and C currently as well as networking - and of course *nix bit late to the game but actually used unix and vi in the 80's (gave up on the stupid manual such as it was then and figured it myself) and studied Pascal (flavour of the month at the time :-o yup - i AM that old!)