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  1. Busted.
  2. Was handed this at the London 2600 meeting and scanned it to PDF. The hacker who handed it out was looking for a volunteer to demonstrate his disguise techniques. There weren't any takers before we left, though he may have found one after a few more rounds of pints. Cheers! http://dualisanoob.com/london2600_disguise.pdf And huge thanks to lattera for getting me my account back!
  3. Couple of new scans up at http://www.scanaday.net/. Send your fresh scans to handscanaday at gmail dot com.
  4. This should help. http://www.stromcarlson.com/misc/4ess.txt
  5. 16/20. I obviously didn't view source.
  6. Edit: Get the song here instead. http://beemp3.com/download.php?file=189864...song=war+dialer
  7. From Boing Boing, dig this. http://www.boingboing.net/2009/04/24/boing...g-video-wa.html
  8. Name the scan as normal, 20090329_325-235-05xx.scan.txt. Add updates by uploading the same file.
  9. Forty meg wordlist. Not real big. It should do. http://dualisanoob.com/tarballs/word_lists-20080618.tar.gz
  10. Scan it out. http://www.handscan.net/
  11. Check your DNS and/or use OpenDNS, and watching the connection with Wireshark is a great idea. Have you tried getting to Google using a proxy? Please let us know what you find.
  12. It's an inductive loop: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/question234.htm
  13. If you call Qwest to cancel your landline service, they'll offer 50% off your bill for four months in honor of the economic downturn. I assume it doesn't include long distance. Sounds like Qwest is hemorrhaging subscribers. Probably should call to "cancel" your service anyway. Editorial: Hey, Qwest. Want to keep subscribers? Don't send a disconnect notice the first month of service if payment is a few days late. Especially when the customer's cell provider is much more casual about mistakes and *gasp* always gets paid. Next, quit trying to upsell every time a subscriber calls. Multiple times per call. You're so desperate for a date, you're driving people away. Third, market your landline service in a logical, non-fear inducing fashion: As a low priced, reliable communications service for the place where people spend most of their time, their home, where 911 is most effective, which works when the power's out, and is easy to subscribe to and pay for. Of course, you'd actually have to lower the price and make is easy to subscribe. Say from $13 to $7 to bring final bills from $20 to $15, and have the web sign up actually work. Yeah. I can't imagine why you can't keep subscribers. Making a "dead" technology more deader and all.
  14. International numbers are most welcome. As are mp3s. Name them 20090131_555-555-1212.scan.mp3 I'll PM you some creds, Beave, so you can upload.
  15. Just put up three days worth of scans. Thanks to Rpm and Kayara!