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  1. I found it on in the serch box type airsoft mod and its the first video.
  2. I have a Double Eagle M83 airsoft gin and i want to make it faster and more powerful. It has semi and auto features. It runs on a rechargable battery on the battery it says AAx6 7.2v 500MAH. Which dosent make sense because 6 AA battery's at 1.5v each =9V. anyways i was wondering if i could put 2 battery snaps on the wires and strap a few 9v's to them in series. I can't open it up without it breaking. Would the moter blow?? how many 9v can i put on it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I really want to modd my ps2 so i can play Burned games on it. Is there a way to modify it without haveing to spend a ton of money? Thanks for your time