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  1. Hey there. Is there a way to get deleted YouTube comments (that a video maker has made) back, after they have been deleted? I've got a former business associate who made a provocative negative video about my business partner. He went through and deleted his inflammatory comments and left the comments she made in self-defense to make it look like she was attacking him. I'm kicking myself for not getting a screenshot, because I dont have any "evidence" that this happened. Is there a way to view comments you've left for others, after they've been deleted? I'm guessing the answer to both of these questions is "no", but I thought I'd ask. Thanks, Para *Edited for grammatical and context errors.
  2. I've gone back and edited the first post. Sorry about the grammatical errors and such. Been pretty tired. Of Course, answers are always appreciated. As for the 'evidence' issue. I know it would not stand up in court, but that wouldn't be where it would have gone. Most likely, it would have gone to the head of the company, with whom I've built a trusting relationship. But...that's moot at this point.
  3. I am looking to buy a calculator for school, and I found one that has a built-in tone dialer for like $5. I'll probably get it as a novelty thing, but I was wondering if they were still useful for anything interesting. I searched the phreak forum, but all i really found were other people saying they were going to buy tone dialers, but not what for. I figured there has to be something that can be done with them... Thanks, Para
  4. So, I get this call today from a 1-877 number. I dont know who it is, so I let the machine get it. Apparently, I've been selected to receive 1 of 4 amazing prizes! Heh. So I call back, and the guy says he's from a company called Prize Claim Center, and asks me questions like if I'm Married or between the ages of 35 and 75. I answer 'no' to the first one, and the guy basically asks me to find someone to come with me (to claim the prize) and pretend we live together, to cheat in their contest. LOL. I say I dont really want to do that, so he asks the age question and I say 'no' again. Then he tries to get me to have my parents claim the "prize" for me. The supposed "prizes" were: An SUV An all-expense paid trip to somewhere $25,000 A Flat Screen TV Anyway, I looked up the company on, and they have numerous complaints from harvesting SS numbers to leaving vulgar messages. These guys are deuchebags.... So, I thought I would give you guys the number to let you have fun with it. Please dont give out any actual information. I'd love to hear what stories they tell you, or any recorded pranks. They told me Hallmark was their sponsor, and their company used to be in the World Trade Center so they had to move to Illinois. The number is: 1-877-880-4246. It will ask for an extension. Hit '0'. An african american guy will answer. Tell him Bruce called about winning a prize. Have fun. From, it seems like these asshats change their phone number every so often, so enjoy it while it lasts.
  5. Anyone interested? We've got a 2600 meeting, but it only meets once a month. Would be nice to have something in between.
  6. Cool. Just pick a place, date and time, and I'm up for it.
  7. Stuff like this pisses me off to no end. :pissed: I really hope he gets alot of time in jail...
  8. Ironically, I found out about BinRev on a PLA phone bridge. I had completely forgotten about that. Thanks for the memory... First Post I eventually found the phone in question randomly one day. It had quite a few holes and dents, but it still workes and I still have it. The dog has since died, though. :cry:
  9. *sigh*
  10. Yeah. After about 8 or 9 tries, Yahoo freezes the account you are trying to access for 12 hours. Its fun when you are trying to get into an old email account and forgot your password and security answer.... :growl: Hmm, who was my best friend when I was 14.....
  11. I would also reccomend: The Ultimate hacking guide.......does not exist by nnp
  12. This is kinda off topic, but on your page with payphone pics you posted some from Diablo Valley College, which is where I go to school. I thought that was interesting. I could take some new pics of them and see if they have changed at all, if you are interested... Thanks for the advice on the tone generator. I'l probably get it anyway, like I said, as a novelty....
  13. Wow, that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. How hard would that be for a novice solder-er to do?
  14. I was in Subway today, and they hadone of those mini-ATM machines, and it was connected to the wall by a simple phone jack. I mean, the cord was hanging out and everything... I was wondering if anyone knows anything about these devices. Im thinking maybe there would be a way to beige box a laptop hookup to intercept ATM infos and Pins. Any thoughts Para
  15. Ive got a wifi router, and right now its using WPA encryption. I want to be able to connect to it from my desktop PC. I cant get SP2, because i dont have a registered copy of XP on my computer. Is there any way to either get SP2 to work, or connect to the network without it? My computer now only recognizes WEP, and SP2 supposedly adds WPA recognition. Thanks, Para
  16. There is a phone in my room. I noticed it had fallen on the floor, and it was off the hook, so I picked it up and put it back. About an hour later, the doorbell rings, and a grumpy policeman shows up at my house, saying that someone dialed 911 from the house. After explaining to him twice that everything was alright, he finally got in his car and left. I went back to examine the phone, and sure enough, one of my parents put 911 on speed dial. Why the hell wold you want 911 on speed dial? It's 3 numbers, for god's sake! I mean its not like you are dialing a 10 digit number, and its sure as hell alot more foolproof to have the person have to dial all 3 numbers then accidently hit one. Please tell me Im not the only one who has ever done that.....
  17. Thanks for cheering me up, dude...
  18. I found my former school's wiring closet (well, it was more like a room). Someone had forgotten to lock it. It was huge(!), with wires going from floor to ceiling. I would have loved to go in there and fool around with stuff, but that was the day of my networking final, and i didnt really want to risk it...
  19. Well, If Mitnick (and/or others) did everything right, then they wouldnt find any evidence of intrusion, would they? Damn Imagine showing up at a can and finding a couple of thugs waiting there.
  20. What if your phone does have Bluetooth capabilities? Ive got a nokia N-gage, and it would be awesome to be able to search for wireless networks with it. Sure beats carrying around the laptop. Anyone know of any such programs?
  21. The people who built my school were idiots. They put the payphones in the hallway right across from one of the classrooms. Needlesss to say, everyone went crazy after i told them that they could take incomming calls. We wpouls be siting there in class, and everyone would hush everyone else up just in time to hear the phone ring down the hall. The best wouold be when we were in the room right across from the phone... Then there would be the times when I would call the school at 9pm, and "chat" with the janitor. He was never too happy, though...
  22. Thanks for the correction. Im not much into hacking right now, so please forgive me. My point was that what you consider to be a phreaker determines whether or not phreaking is dead to you. I consider phreaking as the exploration of telecommunication systems, and so I dont think there will ever be an end to phreaking, unless there is an end to telecommunication. In short, phreaking is only as dead as you make it out to be.
  23. Phreaking isnt dead, nor do I feel it will be in the forseable future. The basis on whether or not phreaking is dead or not is based on what your idea of phreaking (and therefore phreakers) actually is. If you consider phreakers as those who sit around redboxing tones to get free payphone calls, then I guess you could say that that concept of phreaking is dead. Hacking has undergone a change. The term 'hacking' used to have a general perception of "anything unlawful done with computers", but now, I think the definition has evolved to "anything involving the exploration of computer systems". I thnk phreaking may do the same thing (if it hasnt already). It seems to be going from "anything unlawful done with phones" or the ever-dubious "hacking....with phones!", to "the exploration of telecommunications networks". Now, with that last definition, I think phreaking will never die out. As long as there is a telecom network out there waiting to be explored, there will be someone out there ready to explore it. Exploration is esential to humanity. I highly doubt there will be a point where a potential phreaker will sit back and say "Well, I think thats all there is left to do. We cant go any further". Exploration is part of who we are, and as long as humans are here, we will continue to explore, whether it be the deepest receses of space, or a new telecom network. Damnit.... I didnt want to get all philosophical.
  24. Thats awesome! Just goes to show that the phreaking scene will still be around indefinately. Old technologies and techniques will eventually phase out, but new technologies will step in to take their place. And we can all stand around one day and say "Remember when they introduced Bluephone?"
  25. That probably because he wrote a book about it. About 4 years ago, he put out a book called "The Coming Global SuperStorm", and Im willing to bet it was a highly infuential factor for making this movie. The book is really good though, and gives pretty good evidence that these Superstorms have happened in the past, and will hapen again in the future. You should check it out if you like the movie. Ill try to find the site for it...